10 RPG on the most anticipated Android in 2017

Duel Revolution

Here is a list of 10 compelling RPGs on Android is Android Gamespot statistics are anticipated in 2017.

Duel Revolution
Duel is an RPG Revolution is designed in a similar style to the classic Pokémon names. Graphics can see the Duel Revolution is expressed in a simple two-dimensional drawing style, gameplay creatures gather a team and fight, as giving the player the feeling of the legendary Pokémon series. The game will be released simultaneously on multiple platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone, PC and Mac.
Durango is an open world MMORPG vast RPG takes players struggle to survive in the Stone Age, a time when dinosaurs still dominated and hegemony here. This mobile game developed by What! Studio with the participation of the members of each participating development Mabinogi Heroes MMOARPG (aka Vindictus) and was released at the hands of giants Nexon genius.
With immersive gameplay action in the open world, players will have to try to survive in the wild without modern civilization, to explore and explore, create many different items and fight fight with ferocious dinosaurs, mammoths and prehistoric creatures other bizarre. Durango also take players immersed in a true RPG combat system with enhanced features and coordination teams.
With the action role-playing genre with 3D graphics simulation realistic, vivid, Durango will give players a sense of adventure prehistoric survival in space really came unexpectedly as cultivation, creation of tools, set traps, build safe havens … not only battling the giant creatures that players prehistoric also faced the rival factions in the struggle for rights at.
Cat Quest
Studio gives you Gentlebros have Halloween fun with immersive action game Hero Slashy last year, now they continue their success extended with new game called Cat Quest. Join the game, players will enter the role of the hero cat adventure everywhere to explore the world, fight with a variety of enemies and exploring dark dungeons to collect equipment. The game is expected to launch later in 2016 or early 2017.
Torchlight Mobile
Similar to its predecessor on your PC, Mobile Torchlight is still a role-playing game action familiar tight guillotine style its unique artistic as non-linear storyline, ability to mod the game is very diverse. Unlike Diablo III with the fancy in the pictures, it still has enough quality Mobile Torchlight darkness, gloom that is so characteristic of this series.
The content of the game is still focused on the high-speed action, require players to skillfully use these skills to repel spectacular swarms of monsters. The game will be designed so that gamers can play alone, but still has all the skills that they are useful when working in a group.
Like the PC version, Torchlight Mobile focused on the discovery and conquest of the various dungeons. Each screen play are really tough and challenging when the Boss always appear tough. To defeat them, players need to team up with different character classes and make plans to fight.
Sunset Sdorica
The information and images in extreme Sdorica Stunning Sunset comes with uplifting sound has created a vibrant fantasy world. You will see the characters on the page suddenly come alive in real life and then came out and started the adventure. Can also say the game is not too graphic to be shown through the trailer looked shimmering, almost like having a satisfactory film Pixar animation studios.
From the teaser, but difficult to confirm Sunset Sdorica categories, but some certain scenes, especially the boss level segment showed character it seems like a platform game action than RPG or shape Endless Runner (running nonstop).
Dofus Touch
Dofus, one of the MMORPG-old belongs to the “elders” in the village to hand the game recently mobile gaming community called Dofus Touch. Dofus Touch is designed for smooth playback and user-friendly interface on the device portable tablet. Besides, although the feeling obtained based on Dofus Dofus Touch Mobile but will be integrated more particularly special.
Dofus Touch development team said it took up to 10 months of pregnancy to bring “10 years of rich content integrated into Dofus Touch Tablet”. However, players will not be able to synchronize the version for tablets and won for Dofus Touch PC. Because the design of both synchronous 2 version is extremely difficult, especially when the PC version of the constantly updated “transfusion”.

Final Fantasy Type-0 Online
Licensed by Square Enix, Final Fantasy Type-0 is a mobile game online Online development company hands Perfect World. Through what was announced, Final Fantasy Type-0 Online gives players gameplay is almost identical compared to offline version ever appeared before a year ago. However, this new version will allow multiplayer online games simultaneously.
Overall the fighting style of the game completely follow the propensity to act, and is somewhat inclined to form hack ‘n’ slash. Article unique in that that instead of controlling a single character in Final Fantasy Type-0 Online, players will be led both teams a character to join the fight.
In the same time, players will only be able to control only one character, while the team will automatically fight around it. Of course, players can quickly switch between your character in the game controller. Square Enix and Perfect World promises to give players experience extremely interested in the adventure with huge maps and rich mission system for you to conquer. The game will be released for mobile devices and Microsoft Windows.
FDG Entertainment issuer has officially announced the Android version of Oceanhorn will be officially launched in 2016 this right. And not only iOS and Android, Oceanhorn also be adapted and fever on both the PC last year. This showed strong appeals of the game is impressive to look like.
For those who do not know, Oceanhorn adventure game is the story of the epic of a young man in search of his father and sister were missing. Starting from the land of Arcadia, where the shadows rise, we turn the creatures become clique limbs in the conquest of the earth. Carrying on their shoulders the father rescue missions along the whole world, our boys will have to search for the sacred symbols of Land and Water then entered the final battle against the dark powers.
When starting Oceanhorn, players will be equipped with a stick to get acquainted with Oceanhorn mechanism. Then the players will very quickly to their property and shield sword tough to be able to protect themselves before the world is gradually filled with danger lurking.
Dragon Fin Soup
Bros Grimm firm recently officially announced that it will release tactical role-playing game Dragon Fin Soup for Android devices later this year. Game settings talk about girls Red Robin journey on the path of adventure to find the lost traumatic past. Version of Red Riding Hood girls still retain childlike cute appearance, but willing to aggressively battle the weird enemies, or those huge monster without fear.
Fin Soup Dragon’s plot revolves around the god Asura against the dragon – gods not control time. It can be seen in Dragon Fin Soup gameplay is a combination of turn-based strategy genre, collect pet, and finally the roguelike – RPG genre scenes, but each time going to die, you will have to play from the beginning can not continue as one of the other games.
Fin Soup Dragon Gameplay is somewhat similar to the Nintendo DS Zedal, players will perform mineralogical search skills, combining them to make a secret quest to gradually open the door … Dragon Treasure Fin Soup is designed to play in a top-down perspective combined with polar world crisp 2D graphics.
Guardian Codex
After releasing a lot of RPG on mobile in recent times but, it seems that Square Enix has no intention of stopping. Recently, the company has announced the release of a brand new project called

Guardian Codex.
Codex Guardian takes place in 2030, when the world divided into two opposing factions: the Empire and Resistance. Players are tasked to penetrate “Codex”, a virtual world with the task of looking for the Guardian – legendary creatures are thought to have become extinct.
Guardian RPG Codex is free for iOS and Android devices. Game storyline depth, 3D graphics and engaging combat system. Created by the team behind the success of Guardian Cross and Deadman’s Cross – totaled more than 8 million downloads worldwide, Guardian Codex promises to bring gamers a whole new world of fun with the “Guardian” familiar drug.

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