ADEN – pole blockbuster mobile online game Diablo


Game Online RPG extreme new mobile from Korea is ADEN has opened registration for gamers testing and will be launched on Google Play at the end of this October.


Recently an online roleplaying game new mobile extreme ADEN from Korea is open to registered players tested and will be launched on Google Play at the end of this October. The game is produced by ITS GAMES, wowed the market in South Korea on August when the new launch and make sure that the world will also have to ‘shake’ with its amazing features.
ADEN has a virtual world that are open very wide, similar to the role-playing games on the computer, the gamer can go everywhere, any quest, meet other players and play with them, very different from the vast majority of mobile game can only go side beat the bosses alone. In the future, would be identified PK system upgrades and makes the game even more attractive.

ADEN trailer.
The game has 3 classes to choose from including Swordsman, archers and Master, each character class has 4 different start and with it also the 4 separate developments. Depending on your point of distribution, gamers will have the ability to very different, although the same as a class.
Currently, ADEN offers an extremely PvP arena has hands under the real-time action entitled Hall of Fame. Gamers will again team with 2 persons to participate in the fight 3vs3, a strong character can ‘massacre’ took the team title glory for the team.
In addition the game also has another feature PvP and PvE bundle, hunting is very interesting bosses Demon Legion. Meanwhile gamers will have to gather about 10 people team with the main goal is to kill the boss, but the boss is the only one that the team will have more up battling each other to win trophies …
Indeed, the control mechanisms ADEN, dark graphics are very similar to Diablo, will certainly increase the appeal of this game.

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