Angry Birds: Star War- An Epic Adventure


There have been thousands of successful portable games, but few have been dominant as many platforms as Angry Birds. Angry Birds Star Wars would be the most satisfying version of the series.

Angry Birds Star Wars is a puzzle video game, a combination of the Star Wars form and the Angry Birds series of video games. The game has been downloaded over 100 million times on its various platforms.


The game combines elements of both Angry Birds and Angry Birds Space, consisting of levels that take place on both standard terrain and in outer space. Besides, Angry Birds Star Wars serves as a very loose retelling of the original 1977 classic by taking gamers into space and finally onto the Death Star by crossing 80 stages available at launch. The game recreates the original Star Wars trilogy in Angry Birds form and re-appears the story of Luke Skywalker, complete with the birds as the Rebel Alliance and the pigs as the Empire, in an entertaining adaptation of the trilogy.

As in the Angry Birds you know, the goal of each level is to shoot your bird at the pigs, using terrain, explosives, or unique features to destroy them. All the Birds are given new powers not yet seen in the original Angry Birds title, some of these being upgraded as the game progresses further. One difference from other games is that Birds may still perform their chosen abilities a split second after colliding with an object.


Red Bird is Luke Skywalker in the Angry Birds Star Wars game. He uses a lightsaber in a spinning motion to break blocks. The interesting thing is that Red is very clumsy and often drops his lightsaber or bumps into other birds.

Yellow bird represents Han Solo in Star war games. His ability is to shoot a red laser 3 times from his blaster. Tapping any part of the screen will cause Chuck to fire three lasers in that direction which damages objects to destroy opponents.

Pink Bird takes the role of Princess Leia in Angry Birds Star War. She uses a blaster as a tractor beam to pull over pig structures, blocks, and pigs themselves. This power can be upgraded allowing her the ability to manage with more blocks and heavier structures.

Known as Rebel Pilots are the Blue Birds. In the official gameplay, it was revealed that the Rebel Pilots have the ability to be divided into three, just like in the previous games, but now they can split even after being hit. This can be useful after being hit with a laser. After their power is upgraded, they can have power to create small explosion around them when they hit.

Angry Birds Star War is a perfect game to learn a little about physics, logic, and strategy, as players need to analyze each terrain and evaluate their birds’ abilities before setting out to demolish structures.

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