Arad Senki Mobile – Ultra tight guillotine game will be released in Japan in 2017

Arad Senki Mobile

Arad Senki Mobile is adapted from the version on the PC platform hit Dungeon Fighter Online is promising to bring gamers a whole new experience on mobile devices.

Accordingly, Arad Senki Mobile also known by the name quite familiar in the Korean market as Dungeon & Fighter: Spirit. This game was recently voiced Nexon launched in the Japanese mobile market in 2017.
However, in fact, Dungeon Fighter had a mobile version launched in 2012 by the developer Nexon. However, this game is just a single offline version has a single-player only, and it was also minimalist about gameplay, graphics and system from the version on the PC to be compatible with a more mobile game products.

Game trailer
However, currently there are two mobile version of Dungeon Fighter being developed and this will be a purely online games. Among mobile game Dungeon & Fighter 2 is the first game development platform 2D graphics have not been announced for release in China and, of course, Arad Senki Mobile will be the 3D version.
Arad Senki Mobile – Ultra tight guillotine game will be released in Japan in 2017
For those who do not know, Dungeon Fighter Online is a game genre go quite famous scene in Korea Nexon company first launched in 2005. After being Tencent to bring the Chinese market in 2008, the game this has achieved great success as a player rolled 3 million mark at the same time. And at the present time, after a long time launch Dungeon Fighter is still hot names are mentioned in the Chinese gaming market.
The developer also added that the control system of Arad Senki Mobile will be optimized for the most thoroughly mobile platform. Players will press the virtual keys to activate the action instead of a blow out of character typing complicated commands as before.
Expected, Arad Senki Mobile will be launched in early 2017 in Japan. All the latest information about the game will be updated by us to you in the following article. Note welcome to read offline!

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