The best android game Defense Zone 2 HD


Defense Zone 2 HD is classified as Strategy Game. This game has achieved good rating on Google Play at 4.6 with over 100.000 times of download.

Defense Zone 2, regarded as a tower defense game by the developer firm Artem Kotov was a big hit on Android phones. Its next version is called Defense Zone 2 HD, released in 2015, is a superior version which is designed with greater visuals, better designed levels and more. Defense Zone 2 HD is classified as Strategy Game so it requires players who want to master it have intelligence and tactical mind. This game has achieved good rating on Google Play at 4.6 with over 100.000 times of download.

About Defense Zone 2

Defense Zone 2 is a stunning and impressive strategy game. The brand new, engaging levels are even greater and more impressive. Fans will be pleased to hear new more advanced weapons and new opponents are added. This requires players to use advanced strategies and skills to test their strategic thinking, with each level made to feel balanced but challenging at the same time. The Defense Zone 2 HD settings are balanced to meet the goals of a wide variety of players. For those who love playing for fun, easy and medium levels are offered. If you want to test your skills and strategies, you can play the advanced levels, and, of course, use the mod for having the suitable type of weapon, and to increase strength of your weapons and equipment so as to have excellent defense and to carry out attacks in various modes of the battle. This game also has a stunning soundtrack including 12 epic scores to add a deep atmosphere to the intense addicting games.

Defense Zone 2 HD is now enhanced for Android


Defense Zone 2 HD has a face lift, with great backdrops finely more detailed and picturesque. The designs of the player towers and enemy units are redone with shadowing and details. At its core Defense Zone has not changed in any radical way, but adding elements and new features to improve the player’s experience.

Defense Zone 2 HD also ups the weaponry range with two more turrets and an airstrike option, which can be properly used in strategic defense combinations. As with the initial Defense Zone, all weapons have different firepower, rate of fire, firing range, blast radius and price.

This game is supported in four languages: English, Russian, French and German.

Wider range of weaponry and landscape types offers you great freedom in selecting your battle strategies. Pick up the right weapon type and position to ensure your defense is proper. Airstrikes and the possibility of temporarily increasing weapon power could give you the advantage, and make sure you will never get fed up in the battle process.

For those who are looking forward to a serious challenge, Defense Grid 2 HD is a more realistic tower-defense game which features modern military theme. Compared to its cutesy competition, it definitely has more grit, however, it also gets excellent game play.

The game was originally designed as a superior alternative to traditional Tower Defense games with unbalanced difficulty settings and perplexed interface. Fans appreciate Defense Zone for thinking out of the box, with the need of strategic thinking and only smart combinations of turrets can help the players win.

Defense Zone 2 HD can be played in two different versions: Full and Light. The Full version has the 13 engaging levels with more actions and tactical challenges. The Light version is free and includes 3 levels. Defense Zone 2 HD is compatible to Android 2.3 and above.

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