A big surprise for Castle Clash’s birthday party and new Version 1.2.93


What’s up guys! Castle Clash has been officially introduced a new hero in order to celebrate 3-year anniversary. Here is some information so you guys can check it out!


1. Name: Dracax
Skill Name: Whirling Ax
Description about skills:
Deals DMG equal to X% ATK to nearby enemies over Xs and reduces the healing they receive by X%. Also deals DMG equal to X% ATK to the enemy Hero with the least HP left. Hero has Lv 8 Deadly Strike. Cooldown: Xs.
Note: Not so sure but you should update the latest version of Castle Clash because this hero may not display normally on older versions.


1. Fixed the issue of Grimfiend not transforming in battle report playbacks.
2. Fortress Feud optimizations
a. There are two events held every month. You can sign up on the first and third Saturday of every month.
b. If you want to know the number of teams, you can now check at an objective from the map.
c. Text reports of your teams’ battles will be sent to you in the guild chat.
d. When your guild successfully registers for the event, you will receive a notification in guild chat.
e. When registration is open, you will see a shortcut to Fortress Feud on the main screen.
3. The Guild Wars battle report now demonstrates the total number of successful and failed defenses for the day.
4. Fixed the incorrect reward icon in Challenge a Boss rankings after an offline player logs back in.
5. Fixed the abnormal EXP awarded in some Expert Dungeons. No change to EXP gained from Sweeps.
6. Fixed the blank biography that appears when a Hero’s biography is reopened after it is closed.
7. If you want to view Hero Talents, they are available in some Hero lists when selecting Heroes for Lost Realm, Hero Totems, Expeditions, and more.
8. Fixed the issue of the Hero’s Skill EXP bar not changing when consuming Heroes or items.
9. It may take you five minute to cool down between Challenges a Boss attempts.

That’s all about the new hero! Now, it’s time to say hello to him and join the battle!

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