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Bike Race Free Game, the ultimate game of the year is a fun and challenging bike game that has really simple and cool graphics!

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Bike Race Free Game, the ultimate game of the year is a fun and challenging bike game that has really simple and cool graphics. With over 50 million downloads, it’s worth downloading and experiencing fun with all the types of bikes available in the game. The multiplayer capability takes the game to another level. The Bike Race Free Game is set to be challenging with tracks that take various shapes, bikes cruising in speeds that can take you off track and a fun factor to keep you glued to your phone when playing the game. It can’t get any better than this. After seeing my friend playing the Bike Race Free game on his phone while we were traveling, I decided to preview the game and see what it was all about. After checking some reviews online, I decided to have an experience of my own and I was up to the task to see what really makes this game fun to play.


In the play store, you can check and download the Bike Race Free Game. It is easy to download on your phone, it takes about a minute to download and install, depending on your internet speed.

Starting up

Once installed, it gives you the option to turn on notifications when free cards and other gift are granted to you once you start playing. You can either turn it on or just leave it and go straight to the game. I basically didn’t turn it on. The next step is to select either to pay in single player or multiple player modes, multiple player mode is locked at first. I picked the single player mode and it automatically gave me a quick, easy guideline on the instructions of how to control the game. Nice you leave the game hanging it goes for a pause.

Playing the game

Once the instructions are grasped, you can touch to start. The first race was short but a bit tricky. With all the rough edges on the terrain, it’s easy to get off balance and fall. Luckily I got through the first round with a speed of 16.2 seconds; it was hard to get 2 stars.  I restarted the Bike Race Free Game once again and clocked 8.4 seconds with 3 stars, setting a new record. It was a simple ride after cruising full speed rotating the side to stay on balance, it was fun.

On the next round, I failed in the start. The terrain was a bit hard and crooked to make the ride tough. Once you fail, the instructions open up in a new screen to remind you on how to play. I liked that, instead of going to another section to look for instructions, it just shows up in a simple graphical screen, and one presses play to start all over again. The other good head start one has is that the visualization starts from a distance letting you have a glimpse of how the road ahead looks like because there are gaps included into the next race. I cleared the second level really fast with its few challenges. It was a short race, and I got three stars. I needed more challenge hoping the third level was longer and more complex.

The third race was really easy, even though they had more obstacles. I wish it were a bit longer so that one gets confused with the speed. The fourth was a bit tough where I stumbled a bit. The race was again short but fun to redo that challenge.

The good thing with the Bike Race Free Game is that there are provisions of more bikes which have a different feel when riding. The fifth challenge was confusing because one was moving in circles but that was it.

The fifth race was also short with very few obstacles that can be passed on max speed. After the race, one is also given an option to review the game on Google play. The sixth race is the same. It is a bit challenging but not that much. The multiplayer section is unlocked on this level.


As one gets into the game, other interesting packages are accessed. More bikes are available for purchase and tournaments are also set to be played. This makes the Bike Race Free Game more interesting and keeps the player interested going on. The only drawbacks are that the single player races are too short and simple if one goes at max speed in some cases and that’s it.

Download Bike Race: Android

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