Candy Crush Saga official guide for players


Since its first introduction by the Candy Crush Saga official developer company – King, this cute little game has conquered many IOS and Android charts.

Candy Crush Saga official rule

In the cute and colorful candy world, you will have a not-so-easy mission to match 3 or more similar colored candies to clear them. In each level, you are instructed with specific target in terms of minimum score achievement, time or moves limit, certain number of cleared candies…

If you get difficulty bypassing a level, like many in-app purchase game, you can buy boosters, more moves or extra lives from the Candy Crush Saga official store placed inside the game. Remember to look for special sale off and promotion to get the good deal.

Candy Crush Saga official: Taking advantages of special candies

Special candies are the key to clear the levels and bring about high score to make you emerge on the chart. Different types of them` appear when forming a sweet combination of 4 or 5 similar candies and process special clearing ability. For example, “Striped candy” (formed by 4 similar candies) can clear out the entire row or column and bypass all the barriers, “Wrapped candy” (formed by an L/T/+ shape) can clear out 8 neighbor candies, Color Bomb (formed by 5 similar candies) can explode all the candies with the same color with its match candy. The sweeter effects can happen when you master all kinds of special candies and match them together. A combo of a color bomb and a striped candy will magically make all color like candies into striped candies and start exploding at the same time. A giant striped candy is formed by a striped and a wrapped candy with 3x more powerful, helping you to clear a large proportion of the chart at one move. There are some other special candies and tools such as the Jelly Fish or Coconut wheel that you can collect free at the Candy Crush Saga official booster wheel or buy from the store.

Candy Crush Saga official: Guide for players

Check out the Candy Crush Saga official website to update the latest level with tips and tricks. Due to the super viral popularity of the game, the developer company also opened a Candy Crush Saga official Facebook page which is regularly updated to interact with fans. This is a community for “Sugar crush lover” to share their helpful tips and tricks to pass difficult levels. Making friends with people of the same interests will definitely help you a lot when you are in need of lives or friends’ accept to unlock new episodes.

Download Candy Crush Saga: Android

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