Castle Defense – The best strategy castle defense ever

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If you’re into strategy and out-thinking an invading enemy, Castle Defense is the game that you should play.

Many players may know Castle Defense by its old name Castle TD which was developed by Elite Games. The app is listed under category Games 4.3/5 average rating on Google Play by 342,068 users after a few months releasing. It can be said that Castle Defense nails the basics of the genre and acts as a perfect starting point for those who are new to this type of game.

Castle Defense is pretty simple. Players defend their castle by building towers and deploying soldiers, then sit back and watch how the battle unfolds. Gamers will get scored for each level and can upgrade their defenses or abilities by collecting crystals and amethysts. However, in Castle Defense, if you’re not finding as many crystals as you’d like, you can always get your wallet out and pay for them. Here you’ll find some useful information to give you the edge you need to finish the game without having to start over or spend real money.

Farming Crystal

A good way to farm crystals is to make it to the last wave in a level that has not been completed. You will receive fewer crystals if you finish the level and replay it or “die” on the last wave of the same completed level. The more waves you complete before losing, the more crystals you get. Farming crystals on Missions this way yields twice as many crystals.


In the first 4 Missions of Castle Defend you can only use 1 of each type of tower at a time. There are 4 types of towers: Fort, Bunker, Cannon and Lab. It is suggested not finishing the first or second mission immediately and just using it for crystal farming as you get more crystals than from stages. You have to pay $2 with real money for Missions 6-15, so it is a good idea to not complete Mission 5 for farming purposes if you intend not to spend real money. Mission 5 is also much easier and faster to farm than Mission 1 to 4.


Tower Bunker – These is a waste because of how often they miss and their weak damage. You should not spend crystals in this until you are going for Architecture Research and Missions.

Tower Lab – It’s best to max upgrade level from the beginning. Labs don’t do that much damage so spending your crystals on towers that do more DPS will help you kill faster. The slow function is very useful for big enemies and bosses. The Avengers upgrade which lowers enemy defense is sometimes a must on Boss levels.

Tower Fort – You’ll use these towers the most and it’s a good idea to increase their attack power with crystals first before other towers.

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