Castle Defense games – The best defense-style strategy game ever!


The last castle is under intensive attacks from the enemies. Can you protect the fortress from destructions and wipe out invading troops in Castle Defense?

Castle Defense games Information

Castle Defense which is an amazing war game, has been popular among kids and adults. This is a kind of defense-style strategy game in which you need to defend your kingdom from invading troops who are intent on destructions!

You have to carefully build your defensive lines with barricades, archers, cannons and a lot more. Use virtual gold to raise your arsenal of weapons – you will need a lot to keep out these pesky invading troops. Your defenses must survive wave after wave of the primitive army before victory can be announced.

This fun online Castle Defense game works well to test and stimulate your fast reaction skills, because there are literally hundreds of barbaric enemies whom you must repel. Your strategic planning abilities will also be exercised because you have to build strong defenses and strategically place barriers so that the brutes cannot destroy your Gold Mines. Keep upgrading your castle’s defenses with your virtual gold and make it a totally impenetrable fortress. Will your castle survive on the way to the end? Try it on and complete you mission!

This game has achieved 4.4 at Google Play Rating. It requires you to get Adobe Flash Player. If game doesn’t load, try installing the latest Flash Player. This game takes some seconds to load.

How to pay Castle Defense games

Defend the castle by purchasing various types of tanks to shoot the enemies before they reach the end of the road. It is not as easy as it seems!

The last standing castle of the kingdom is suffering fierce attacks from the enemies. Can you save the fortress from destructions and wipe out the pesky invading troops? The castle is situated at the end of a path, and the enemy tanks will travel along the way with the objective to seize the fortress. When the game begins, you will first be given $1000 to buy 3 different types of cannons. A list showing the specifications of the cannons is presented, listing the power, frequency, range and price for every of the models. Click the corresponding tab on the list to choose a model, after that click the Buy button at the bottom. You can use your mouse to choose a suitable location, and click to put the weapons on the roadside. After you have used all of your resources, the first wave of enemies will launch. When they reach the attacking range of your weapons, the cannons shoot them automatically. If an invading tank is destroyed, you will gain additional resources to buy more weapons. During the battle, you may still purchase and sell cannons to support your strategies. To do so, just click the Buy and Sell buttons at the bottom left of the screen corner. If the enemies enter the castle, a part of the fortress will be destroyed, as shown by the life gauge. If the fortress is all destroyed, you will lose the game. The attacking forces will be more powerful as you go along in the game. Protect the beacon of hope for your kingdom before it is destroyed!

There is a countdown to the next wave of enemies ticking down along the top left corner as you plan your defense. If you are willing to start your battle, click the Now button. You can speed up the game at any time by pushing the Speed button at the top of the game area.

Tip Castle Defense game: The enemies always attack from the far left of the game screen. Plan your defenses accordingly to allow your archers and cannons to have time to aim and shoot them accurately.

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