ChronoBlade – Blockbuster ARPG Korean crisis registration open


After a long period of silence, blockbuster ChronoBlade was officially opened registration Netmarble comes soon launch imminent move.

Chronoblade not too strange a name with the gaming community because this game has been launched on the social network Facebook since 2013. This is the alluring combination game according to the structure and coordination of a browser game a strategy game on Facebook
And like many other successful products on the PC / Console, ChronoBlade continues to be highly mobile platform known up long ago. While the fans are almost desperate for game sales have not launched it recently, after a long period of silence, blockbuster ChronoBlade was officially opened registration Netmarble comes soon launch moves carefulness.

Video mode PvP combat game
Chronoblade take players on a vast universe with the struggle to survive in order to protect life. Accordingly, gamers will be delivered series of specific tasks to protect your asteroid. Game application features side-scrolling hack-n-slash, challenges players to destroy enemies with support systems such as combo, special abilities, or the destruction of weapons.
As mentioned, the play of tight guillotine Chronoblade genre has hands, so that combo attacks really is the highlight impress gamers a very beautiful and diverse. Furthermore, game developers also encourage the emergence of the combo shot beheaded by designing reward each level depends on the distance you travel not only be, but also in the number of different attacks that “hero” of our test development.
Besides that, players also have a lot of ways to “refresh” themselves with a series of weapons, armor, spells. Really not too much to comment that Chronoblade an action role-playing game has the ability to customize the character of “top” now. Through each level, you’ll earn experience points necessary to unlock the new custom and collected the booty necessary.
Furthermore, Chrono Blade is also built on the advanced 3D graphics, along with innovative skill system, dynamic physical interaction will give players the experience unforgettable.
Besides the single player mode storyline, Chronoblade also brought Tournament game modes, real time PvP fierce, … If you would have in the Tournament against wave “endless” of the enemy and try to survive as long as possible, then in PvP players will have the opportunity to compare your skills with people from around the world.
Currently the game is opened registration early and those involved have the opportunity to receive in-game rewards extremely valuable once the game launches. What players need to do is like the Chronoblade fanpage, select the operating system that the device is used and filled personal information to sign up for e-mail.

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