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For anyone looking for Clash of Clans how to win, below we are going to detail some basic steps. Clash of Clans is no doubt one of the biggest mobile game out there.

Clash of Clans is no doubt one of the biggest mobile game out there. A perfect combination of RPG and strategy with addictive gameplay, it constantly ranks among the most played app on smart phone. While easy to play, to master Clash of Clans is quite difficult and it may take some 2 years to reach the top levels. Below we are going to detail some basic steps for anyone looking for Clash of Clans how to win.

Clash of Clans how to win: Create a good village layout

Clash of Clans How to win – The village designs vary from players to players. You can let your creativity runs wild and create the village in whatever ways you want. Of course, there are certain formulas depends on the end goal regarding the village layout.

At a low level, there are few defenses available, but the more you progress, the better the traps and defense weapons you can get a hand on. Take the walls for example. At low level, focus the walls on protecting important and essential constructions like the resources storage. Once you are powerful enough, you can think about expanding the barrier, or experimenting different wall tactics to counter the enemies’ attacks.

There are some who choose to put the Town Hall outside of town border. Their logic is sound: the enemy after attacking the Town Hall would leave, letting them to keep most of the resources from getting raid and plundered.

This would result in the lost of trophies, on the other hand. Therefore, attempt this tactic when you still have upgrades to purchase, and turn to the Town Hall protection layout when there’s no upgrade left.

Join a clan

Clash of Clans How to win – A clan is a group of up to 50 players working together in a community. There are multiple benefits of belonging to a clan: being in a community means you would have other players backing you up, through the mean of troop request and donation. This means clan members can ask for support and receive additional troops to defense their base. Also the entire clan can go to war with other opponents with some very lucrative rewards for the winners.

Save up on gems

Clash of Clans How to win – Premium currency is the quintessential feature of mostly every games now. In Clash of Clans it comes in the form of gems. Like any other premium currencies, they give you access to better upgrades and advantages, like limited shield, faster troops training, building speed, etc. Don’t be tempted to spend these gems on mundane things like those stuffs, however. Most people save gems for Builder’s Hut, maximizing the number of Builder’s Hut available can give you faster building rate forever.

Keep the shield

Clash of Clans How to win – There’s no spectacular defeat in Clash of Clans: if 30% of your town is destroyed, you would get a 12-hour shield; if 90% of your base is decimated, you get another 4 hours. Use these valuable time to regroup, rebuild the infrastructure and stockpile troops and resources. Don’t go Rambo before the shield’s timer runs out, be patient! Wait at least until the last 30 minutes of shield time before attacking. Doing this will cancel the shield immediately.

Above are some basic strategies on Clash of Clans how to win. Following these, and you too can be a top player.

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