The collections of the top sports games android 2016 (Part 1)


In some of our articles, we will introduce you the collections of the top sports games android 2016 which are popular right now.

Some people would like to pass their way to glory, some are satisfied from delivering a knockout punch, and some love the crack of the bat prior to touching all the bases. No matter what sport gets you going, there is a great game to make it match with your Android devices. Today’s best mobile sports games combine stunning graphics with simple touch-based controls, making it easy for you to take your phone and tablet and play. Where should you start? These are top sports games android 2016 for you to try:

Top sports games android 2016 – Madden NFL Mobile

A great mix of hardcore sim and free to play fun, Madden NFL Mobile – the first game among the top sports games android 2016 is a combination between the franchise’s hardnosed American football action and strategic play with a digital trading card system for improving your team lineup. The game has slick graphics, and technical gameplay which offers smart playbook choices and sound tactics in the field. Madden NFL Mobile also has league and season modes, live events and challenge to spice things up, and a marketplace and auction house for buying booster packs or additional players to upgrade your team.

Top sports games android 2016 – MLB Perfect Inning

While Gamevil’s earlier Baseball Superstars games featured an anime-RPG aesthetic, the registered MLB Perfect Inning provides more realistic sports sim gameplay along with its free to play card collecting system. Perfect Inning provides players with various game modes, from a full-on AI-controlled simulation, to an offense-only mode to taking full control of your team’s pitching and batting. As players make progresses, they gain points which can be spent to purchase new players or upgrade their current lineup (all of which are done with real cash).

Top sports games android 2016 – NBA 2K15

NBA 2K15 delivers the goods when it comes to graphics and on-the-court gameplay, having a solid Career mode which permits players to climb through the ranks in basketball super-stardom. The caveat? Well, apart from Career mode, all you will get is a Quick Play mode for playing any 2 teams against each other, with Season and Blacktop modes still missing. The game is still a good option for basketball fans who are looking for their mobile fix, however.

Top sports games android 2016 – NHL 2K

It has been a while since 2K’s last mobile hockey game (NHL 2K11), so a new version is welcome. Like NBA 2K15, NHL 2K offers a solid Career mode for gamers to make their own rookie hockey player to guide through the ranks to sports stardom. Besides the Career mode, NHL 2K includes a Mini-Rink mode for fast-paced 3-on-3 games, and a simple turn-based shootout mode. Speaking of NBA 2K15, the lack of a full Season mode is disappointing, however, NHL 2K is still an interesting mobile hockey experience.

Top sports games android 2016 – FIFA 15: Ultimate Team

FIFA 15: Ultimate Team is the newest iteration of Electronic Arts’ yearly soccer sports franchise, and challenges players to make their dream team of players. The latest version concentrates on the Ultimate Team mode, in which players start with a limited stable of players and gain points to collect and trade the world’s best soccer stars into your team. FIFA 15 has the familiar gameplay of previous iterations, while also providing a Quick Simulation mode, putting you in a simplified management role, deciding team strategies and substitutions. Other features, like Team of the Week and playable real-world matchups, offer a lot of new material to maintain the game fresh.

Top sports games android 2016 – Football Manager Handheld 2015

Sega’s Football Manager Handheld series gain a well-earned reputation as a perfectly detailed sports management sim, and the newest iteration builds on the well-worn way of its predecessors. Players handle their own football team, decide on team lineup, strategies and trades. Improvements for Football Manager Handheld 2015 are a new match engine, which provides a more detailed view of your team. The UI is on the dry, menu-driven side,however, as a hardcore sports management simulation, it is a stat junkie’s dream.

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