Cooking Fever Games- Test your abilities in the kitchen!


There are a wide range of games introduced on Google Play every day with various form. If your passion is cooking, Cooking Fever Games is the perfect choice for you.

Cooking Fever is a cooking game where you supervise different types of fast food restaurants. Whether you are looking to improve your culinary skills or you simply love making tasty treats, this simulation game will surely leave your mouth watering. You can’t help licking your lips as your prepare dozens of delicious dishes. With Cooking Fever Games, you have to serve customers as quickly as possible to make sure they leave happily. In the beginning, you can only serve customers at a small place, but as you advance in the game, you can unlock new types of restaurants like pizzerias, bakeries, and Chinese restaurants. Besides, you can serve over 400 different types of food, including hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza and soft drinks. Serving the customers is very simple. Above the customer’s head, players can see what food he or she wants. All gamers have to do is prepare the order quickly by using all the tools offered. With the money you earn, you can also upgrade and buy more kitchen tools like pans, dispensers, and fryers. In Cooking Fever games, players have chance to experiment with more than 100 ingredients to create more than 400 dishes and explore more than 10 unique locations.

Cooking Fever is not just a game about cooking, but also about time management. Each menu item requires a certain amount of time to create so you’ll have to come up with a strategy for which to cook first. One thing to remember is that you mustn’t burn anything as you control over 8 hot stoves, each contains a different type of food. Speed is essential because the faster you serve each customer, the more customers you can serve in the given time.

Besides, this app will test your knowledge of different cuisines as you make over 250 dishes, from oriental food to pizza, pastries and desserts. Cooking Fever game offers you to run and maintain over 5 different establishments, from fast-food diners to Italian restaurants. Players should make sure each business is up-to-date and clean. Gamers also need to buy new appliances or update the ones they have to create a wider variety of dishes that will attract more customers.

Though this may be a basic time-management game, Cooking Fever is quite addictive. As the game progresses, the meals get more complicated to prepare, and the customers come more quickly. With beautiful cooking scenarios, excellent user-friendly graphics, simple controls, Cooking Fever game is worth downing. The combination between simplicity and complexity makes this game appealing to players whose passion is cooking.

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