CRY – Blockbuster hack-n-slash Korea open worldwide


Created craze “mobile game is the most searched in Korea”, the blockbuster action RPG called CRY was officially launched worldwide.

Korea has always been the birthplace of many RPGs quality in terms of both graphics and storyline, giving users the peak experience. And most recently, the famous game company Eyedentity Games – Dragon Nest father was officially released worldwide his darling CRY – Dark Rise of Antihero on both popular app store App Store and Google Play.
CRY – Blockbuster hack-n-slash Korea open worldwide
After a short period of extremely successful debut with creating craze “searched mobile game in Korea ‘, game developed by LOPOP Games has captured the hearts of many gamers South favorite genre hack-n-slash has hands. Vietnam now gamers can also experience CRY download easily.

Game trailer
Unlike other role-playing mobile game, CRY context is set in a world ravaged ruins, where the players if they want the power hegemony it is necessary to sell your soul to the devil if it is to Memphito revenge and destroy the gods “metamorphic” other.
Engage in fierce battle, CRY turn allows players to experience 3 characters in the same game account. Which includes Eva – a dark sorceress accidentally opened the seal was killed sister, Deimos – a true knight, but sold his soul to the devil in revenge for killing God his family, and Lucia – she always adopted an intention of revenge after witnessing his parents died a mysterious way. Each character can be built separately or combined way with 9 extremely unique skills. Therefore, your choice will pretty much decide the details of the plot.
When it reaches a certain level, the auto will be open, help gamers hands somewhat. However, only auto parts used in the task. PK will be the deciding factor in winning and losing every battle PvP. Players will go through four huge maps and 128 tasks challenging interwoven stories fascinating and charismatic.
CRY brought many fascinating battle mode includes Daily Dungeon, Battle Arena, Realm of Trails and World Raid. After completing each level, players will have the opportunity to receive materials and various equipment to strengthen the character. You can sacrifice the lower level equipment to strengthen the main chemical equipment.
Not merely fighting but CRY also owns a lot of features, supplements difficult for players to explore. Game possesses beautiful 3D graphics from the environment to fight movements, character skill manufacturing investment carefully, feels faster and stronger, bringing the appeal for a tight guillotine action game like CRY. Overall, the graphics certainly is one of the points to be proud of this game.

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