Defense Zone 2 HD Review – An Unbelievably Realistic Tower Defense Game With A Google Maps-Like Aerial View


Defense Zone 2 HD is a very unique, action-packed tower defense/war game for Android because it is played over a wide range of realistic HD backdrops.

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Defense Zone 2 HD is a very unique, action-packed tower defense/war game for Android because it is played over a wide range of realistic HD backdrops. Despite the lack of an actual story, this game keeps players busy in a near future war where they are tasked with taking down the continuous waves of enemies, all the while taking advantage of their tower defense skills. The aerial view provided by this game makes it feel as if it is using Google Maps and the graphics are equally remarkable. The game system includes increasing difficult enemies, a myriad of maps, and an option to make air strikes, three levels of difficulty, tower upgrades and a lot more. Why Play Defense Zone 2 HD?


Defense Zone 2 HD is not a mere tower defense game; it can be regarded as a futuristic tower “offense game.” Not only is this game detailed and vicious, it is filled with plenty of futuristic effects and weapons, but it is still managed to maintain its spectacular realism. An example of this game’s unbelievable realism would be the explosions, which truly look real. It becomes obvious that the developers of this game paid tremendous attention to detail and as mentioned, its top-down map views resemble Google Maps satellite shots.


The sound of this game is another distinct feature. The battle noises and sound effects have been marvelously created, while a variety of different music tracks have also been incorporated into the game that make the gameplay all the more immersive and intense. The music of this game really complements the graphics.

Tower Upgrades

This game consists of 9 different towers and several different upgrades are available for each of them. After hitting a particular level of activity, players also get the option of entering into a “Hellfire” mode. While this mode is only for a short period, the respective towers begin showering the enemy with a rapid burst of fire. Enemies do not have a chance of lasting very long if the player enters into the “Hellfire” mode with a couple of towers. As mentioned, players can also make air strikes to completely wipe out a great deal of enemies.


Even though this game has a slight learning curve, its design and user interface is excellent. Android users will likely agree that it is rare to find a game that stands out in three of its major components, name gameplay, graphics and sound. This is why players have claimed to enjoy an unwaveringly extraordinary and outstanding experience after playing Defense Zone 2 HD. Since players have the option of choosing between three different levels of difficulty, they can always ramp up the difficulty up another notch if they begin to find it easy.

Of course, the best things in life never come free so it would not make sense if a game like this was available free of cost. Fortunately, it costs merely $3 to download this game from Google Play Store, which is quite a fair and reasonable price for the incredible realism Defense Zone 2 HD offers, making players feel as if they are playing directly over Google Maps satellite shots.

Download Defense Zone 2: Android


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