Drag Racing Classic – An impressive car game you should not ignore


Among thousands games genre coming on App Store, most players love racing games. Anyone who enjoys the thrill of speed and time would be interested in Drag Racing Classic.

Download Drag Racing Classic: Android

In less than two years, Drag Racing Classic has amassed a total of 100 million downloads. The developer claims that this game is the most addictive nitro fueled racing game for smart phones. There are already many others racing games on the Play Store, but Drag Racing Classic offers game modes that allow you to race against other players for real-life cash prizes, as well as tune your car in ways that are a little more in-depth than what you usually see in a game like this. Installing this game, players have chance to race, tune, upgrade and customize over 50 officially licensed cars from the world’s hottest car manufacturers and test their skills against millions online racers in real time in Pro League. If you want to win more races and beat more opponents, these guides will help you prosper on the drag race.

Drag Racing Classic: A perfect start

Like many other racing games of this type, your success depends on how well you start. When the race begins, players must pay attention to the tachometer and the go light in the middle of the screen. When the light turns green, both cars will go. If you want extra speed boost, you have to drive car to the green zone. The faster your car is, the smaller the green zone will be.

Drag Racing Classic: Play the quick races

Although multiplayer is put at a premium in Drag Racing Classic, you should also join the quick races. This is a fantastic way for you to gain extra cash that you can use to upgrade your drive. Upgrades get more expensive when you go along, it’s important for you to keep on racing and winning quick races as you can win better in cash reward games. In Drag Racing Classic, if you purchase more upgrades and your car gets faster, you will be able to achieve bigger prizes in in-game cash than you would in the easy modes.

Drag Racing Classic: Use nitro early

During any race, it makes more sense to use nitro as quickly as possible instead of holding it till the middle or the end portions of a race. Use it at an earlier part of the race helps players get ride up to quarter mile speed much faster.

Drag Racing Classic: Connect the game to Facebook

If you want some more gold, then make sure you connect the game online with Facebook or Twitter. You’ll get to pick up 30 pieces of gold for use in the game. Sharing your level up and racing victory moments will also help you earn a cash bonus.

Download Drag Racing Classic: Android

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