Dragon Heroes – a must-have role-play game


RPGs are very popular mobile gaming apps among Android users. Of the many RPG apps available to Android users, few stand out, one of which is Dragon Heroes.

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At first glance Dragon Heroes looks like your ordinary Android fixed 2D shooter game. However, this is no ordinary RPG, thanks to its combination of intense RPG gameplay and a thrilling 2D shooter experience. Being an adventure shooting game, your main aim as a player is to wipe out every enemy that the game throws at you. This entails shooting and dodging deadly attacks from different enemies.

Dragon Heroes has a simple and uncomplicated gameplay divided into stages. In each stage you will be dodging and shooting at wave after wave of enemy attack. To spice things up, the game is packed with all kinds of enemies. While some enemies will try to cut you down by running down the screen others will be throwing magic bolts at you. As if that is not enough, others act as protective shields for other enemies. Thus, your enemies combine forces to create a formidable force that you have to overcome. However, the game gives you an opportunity to create your very own force to combat enemy forces.

While most enemies combine forces to try and overwhelm you, the boss launches a bullet hell kind of attack. Thus, when you come against the boss expect a series of patterned attacks that can be difficult to overcome. Apart from fighting against the boss and overcoming the enemies’ attacks, you can also upgrade the skills of your hero team. As the game progresses you will be able to enhance the skills of your team’s members to their ultimate. Also, you can enjoy the game in different modes ranging from infinite dungeon mode to boss raid mode.

With your Heroes team in place you are able to attack the enemies with two additional characters and you also have the option of adding a fourth character. However, only one character can be active at a time. Hence you will have to switch between characters to allow the active character to regain their hits.

Dragon Heroes has an attractive anime theme and bright visuals. Thus, although its soundtrack is somewhat repetitive making it boring, its bright and attractive graphics make up for this. As for the controls, this game has great controls. Movement of the character is restricted to the bottom of the screen. The game’s characters can also be customized as the game progresses. As already stated you can improve your characters skills. In addition to their skills, you can also customize their outfits.

The user interface of this game is colored brown and gold. Thus, its interface might appear familiar especially if you are big fan of RPG games. However, this does not affect the game’s gameplay. As such, Dragon Heroes is an intense and fun game that will offer you with endless hours of shooting especially in the infinite dungeon mode. Therefore, if you are a fan of role-playing games this is a game you need to consider downloading.

Download Dragon Heroes: Android

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