Dragon story tricks you should know


With these Dragon Story tricks, players will find it easier to conquer this game! Now, let’s check them out and be the most excellent players in dragon world.

For beginners, Dragon story is an online game in which players have chance to breed, raise and discover 400 unique dragon species on a fantasy island with magic. This game is designed differently for each platform. Until now, Dragon Story has received between 10 million to 50 million downloads and thousands people have rated the game a 4.1 out of a 5 point star system. The goal of the game is to become the best Dragon Caretaker, so some Dragon Story tricks will be recommended for players to facilitate them advance levels.

Dragon Story tricks: Feed your dragons to increase coin generation

Your dragons will generate coins as time passes. How much they generate is determined by their level. Feeding them food is a very first Dragon Story tricks. When they reach a certain level, they can begin the evolution process, which gives their coin generation a huge boost. Feed them as much as you can and always keep your food stocks filled. Feeding them will level them up, which helps them to be more effective in battle and to earn more coins per hour.

Dragon Story tricks: Visit community islands to increase social rating

Another Dragon Story trick is that you should visit other players’ islands and play with their dragons! Not only does this help your dragons, but this also increases your social rating. The higher your social rating is, the better opportunity you have of other players seeing your island, which means more help for you. Be a good neighbor and help out your fellow dragons when you can, as they don’t require any kind of resource from you.

Dragon Story tricks: Upgrade your habitats

Having evolved dragons is fine, but the Dragon Story trick here is that you need to keep their habitats upgraded as well! Habitats depend on the amount of coins your dragons can generate, so unless the habitat is up to date like your dragons are, they will be bottlenecking them! So it’s advisable to upgrade them.

Follow the quests

Similar to many other games, there are quests to complete in each level. These quests reward you with coins and food, sometimes even gold. They also help you with general progression, leading you to do what you should be doing next. Therefore, always be working towards these quests is considered as a useful Dragon Story tricks.

Free up space

Once you hit level 5, you can start expanding your land for more space. You only have a limited amount of space per experience level to place your dragon habitats, so the Dragon Story trick is placing them based on how many coins they can earn you at a time. For example, Green Grove can earn a maximum of 1,000 coins before you have to collect from it, while Red Rocks can only earn 250 coins and the more expensive Yellow Plateau can only earn 800 coins. Therefore, players should have a lot of green ones for coin farming purposes. If you run out of space and you can’t create any more expansions, you should start tapping and selling all of your unnecessary things that are there when you begin the game.

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