Dynasty Saga 3D – owns blockbuster RPG 3D graphics and innovative polar plot

Dynasty Saga 3D

Dynasty Saga 3D – Three Kingdoms storyline has inherited many circumstances and internal from China’s Three Kingdoms and add all the modern elements.

Dynasty Saga 3D – Three Kingdoms is the full name of that firm MobGame mobile games released on both Pte largest application market today on the last day 29/9. Game settings under the Three Kingdoms period – a time when 3 countries Wei, Shu and Wu hero paintings. However, mixed with elements such as the Three Kingdoms legendary generals, the battles and the important historical events, the development firm that has fleshed out the details somewhat subversive.
Not merely players will establish a control teams and heroes that this combat in Dynasty Saga 3D – Three Kingdoms will add elements that Dragon. Dragon main species with extraordinary abilities did change things around Three Kingdoms. Players use the Dragon as a support team from above for all its teams. Through ingame activities that players will earn items to increase strength for the team hero and Dragon.

Game trailer
3D-Three Kingdoms Dynasty Saga is not too much focus on factors specific era that the game is only a little bit towards the Three Kingdoms legacy but also added new details such as the Dragon and the plot revolves around content Rong, the attorney kind of approach is very similar to the sect in the world martial forest … swordplay and other types of modern weapons to equip the character again.
Players will recruit heroes to form a team of 5 persons maximum. The team members are instantly recognizable as the Three Kingdoms character but stylized, prompting the advisor, the writer may also have the kind of legal attorney to fight like martial. Three Kingdoms heroes like Liu Bei’s Tigers, as Lü Bu vassals, Vienna Us, .. and both are designed to advise very familiar face and whether the player will remain in foreign languages can recognize them by appearance.
In addition to the main quest line, sub line is a weekly online tasks table and monthly tasks in the event of Dynasty Saga 3D – Three Kingdoms as well as players take a significant amount of time to complete. A Ranking charts will help players know where he was standing across the server.
The game offers two game modes that are familiar Story – Campaign and Arena – Online will meet the needs of new discoveries and the storyline takes players to communicate with other players, the establishment of the State Assembly to stand conquer these difficult challenges. Besides countless new things related to waiting players to explore Dragon Dynasty Saga in 3D – Three Kingdoms. When the generals have an intimate relationship with each other in the game will unlock new features streams.
Dynasty Saga 3D – Three Kingdoms ownership motion graphics and super-sharp, ultra-vivid. Effects from the diverse skills such as summoning a meteor shower, the rain of lava, cast spells, thunder struck, shaking the ground are quite true. Character design is quite detailed and the landscape in line with the given context. Also the plot and know how to take advantage of breaking old ones, and inclusion in the new fiction content is also interesting 3D Dynasty Saga – Three Kingdoms.

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