Echo of Soul unexpected revival in Korea but is mobile version

Echo of Soul

Kakao Games has confirmed that revived blockbuster online games in Korea Echo of Soul, but this time will be a version for Mobile.

As you know, the Echo of Soul were closed in South Korea in October 2015. But then, the game has been Kakao Games – publisher behind the blockbuster Black Desert in South Korea confirmed that develop a new version. And until now, this information has been revealed the Kakao Games.
Specifically, after a year full of regret closed, Kakao Games will revive Echo of Soul in the Korean market, but with the mobile version instead of the previous PC. And now, the Echo of Soul mobile is still in the development process.
If you do not know, Echo of Soul is quite similar to TERA Online in both graphics and gameplay. Moreover, in the game world is also promising to build quite large with nearly 100 map comes with 2000 different tasks scattered in each map. System map supplement to the massive Boss allows up to 20 people at once.
In addition, it features a very notable in Echo of Soul is Soul System is a system to allow players to use the Chaos Soul collects from the monsters, beat Boss to gain Stats for character. The game is 4 character classes are Warrior, Guardian, Rogue and Sorceress. Each class will have the characteristics of strength and skill separately.
Echo of Soul unexpected revival in Korea, but the movable plate
What we know about this mobile game is that it does not limit the level and focus on the gameplay. Besides, the Echo of Soul for mobile also possesses terrible PvP system, so gamers love the competition and rivalry to each other on the world rankings will feel satisfied.
Apparently, the mobile version will have interface style quite different from the original on PC. Therefore, the graphics in the game will look cute because father Anime NVius was acquired entirely by Mr. Blue – known for the development platform the premier online animation in Korea.
All the latest information about the game will be updated by us to you in the following article. Note welcome to read offline!

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