Five most awesome shooting games on Android


If you look for excitement and adrenaline-rush, shooters are the way to go. Here are the five most awesome android games for shooters on Android. Let’s have a good time!

Awesome Android Game: N.O.V.A 3

The third installment of Gameloft’s N.O.V.A franchise, N.O.V.A doesn’t have much improvement over its predecessors. What it offers instead are tones of fun. The storyline can please every hardcore sci-fi fans out there. The gameplay, with some striking resemblance to the infamous Crysis series on PC, gives gamers a variety of weapons to choose from, a selection of vehicles to maneuver its quite-impressive maps, and even a mech! The multiplayer is pure chaotic, with 7 different modes, allowing players to waste hundreds of hours of their lives.

Although this awesome Android game costs around $6.5, the Freedom Edition is also available. However, this edition will include the ads

Download N.O.V.A 3: Android

Awesome Android Game: Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 is another awesome Android game on the list. For anyone not yet tired with the zombie genre, Dead Trigger 2 gives them waves after waves of hungry brain-eaters to mow down with a long list of weapons ranging from overpower like the minigun to impractical like the butterfly (yes, it’s a true name). But unlike the first installment, this time you get to kill those walkers with other people, as multiplayer is now well-integrated into the story and the gameplay. The graphic is also a huge improvement in lightning, texture, shadow, physics, and a huge map to explore.

Download Dead Trigger 2: Android

Awesome Android Game: Sniper Assassin

While this awesome Android game also packs a story, pretty much everyone come to it for one thing: popping heads. And the game really excels at that. Each mission is unique in its setting and execution and players have various weapons, all with detailed customization to choose from in order to perfectly complete the job. Acquiring the perfect gun for the perfect playing style is not easy, but the game does offer micro-transaction for those who want to be on top quickly.

Download Sniper Assassin: Android

Awesome Android Game: Dead Effect 2

Yet another awesome Android game is Dead Effect 2, which draws a lot of rightful comparison to the Dead Space franchise. Stranded in a creepy station/laboratory, gamers must battle with hordes of enemies, both humans and monsters, in over 30 hours of missions that are both action sci-fi and downright horror. The environment design is absolutely stunning, and the game takes full advantage of the mobile devices’ ever-improving hardware to deliver console-quality graphics. Plus, the game has full controller support and is well-optimized for NVIDIA Shield, setting it above most game on the market at the moment.

Download Dead Effect 2: Android

Awesome Android Game: Modern Combat 5 Blackout

Modern Combat 5, the last awesome Android game in this list, is the indisputable king of the mobile shooter market. Modern Combat 5 takes what its predecessors have done so well and brings them to another level. The story is intense, taking player all around the world, throwing them from one set piece to another without a resting moment. No longer just about shooting faceless enemies, the gameplay now includes a variety of missions from escort to bomb defuse to crazy quick-time events. But it’s the multiplayer where the game shines. Now, friends can choose from 6 different, highly customizable classes and form their own squad to take on rivals everywhere. Features like global, squad chat and leaderboards help enhance the experience and keep gamers hooked for a long time.

Download Modern Combat 5 Blackout: Android

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