Fourteen Top games for kids android 2016


We provide you Fourteen Top games for kids android 2016. This list may include games which are too mature or hard for younger kids or easy for older ones.

The smartphone version in general aims at teenagers and adults that own their smartphones. Nevertheless, the platform is rapidly growing into an amazing place for kids with a huge choices of apps and games which cater to younger minds along with hardware specifically geared towards kids. In this article, we will take a look at some of the top games for kids android 2016. It is important to know that kids can be anywhere from 3 or 4 years old to 12 years old so this list may include games which are too mature or hard for younger kids or easy for older ones. Let’s find out about them:

Top games for kids android 2016 – Angry Birds

The first game among the top games for kids android 2016 is Angry Birds. This game is a classic with simple controls and a premise which makes it ideal for children. It also helps that there are cartoon animations, fascinating sound effects, and catchy music. There are some Angry Birds games and each one has a hundred levels. They are all free as well so you can get each version and your kid will grow fed up with the games long before they ever actually play all of them. Rovio, designer of Angry Birds, also have an RPG, racing games, puzzle games, and a side scrolling shooter which round out a very large and diverse Angry Birds portfolio. You can get all games at free of charge as well just look for those in app purchases.

Top games for kids android 2016 – Candy Crush series

The Candy Crush series (Candy Crush Saga, Candy Crush Soda, and so on) is another intensely common series of games which were probably targeted at adults but are in fact better way for kids. Much like Angry Birds, Candy Crush games feature easy game play, cartoon images, and lots of stuff to do that will keep your kid interested for hours on end. The developers, known as King, have a total of 10 games in the series which means, like Angry Birds, your kids will probably get bored with the games long before they actually finish playing all of them.

Top games for kids android 2016 – Cut the Rope series

Cut the Rope is a good game for kids and it is in fact a fairly decent time waster for adult, too. The game play is easy because all you must do is to feed a monster candy and let’s face facts, million people do that on Halloween each year. It is a cute, but easy game with lots of levels to play and  twelve games to pick up. The only possible issue with this one is that the levels do get much more difficult by the end so get prepared to help out if your kids cannot figure it out!

Top games for kids android 2016 – Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump made its first appearance on iOS with monumental success. So much so that it was mentioned in common TV shows like The Big Bang Theory. It would later come to Android see the same success. It is a good game for kids because of its ease of game play. All you must do is to make the monster thing jump from one cloud platform to the next and the score is worked out by how far up somebody can get. It is also free to play and the in app purchases are not needed to enjoy it.

Top games for kids android 2016 – Dipdap

Dipdap is a sort of mixture of a drawing app and a game. In every adventure, there are things missing that the kids need to draw to help Dipdap finish the level. It helps foster creativity when allowing the kid to have fun. There is also a free-draw mode in which kids can draw whatever they want. It is $1.99 to purchase the game, however, there are no in app purchases and no advertising that is perfect for children.

Top games for kids android 2016 – Endless Alphabet

Endless Alphabet is the next among the top games for kids android 2016 for younger kids which helps teach them how to read. They are given a word and the letters are strewn about the screen. They must drag every letter to every word. As soon as they complete the word, the letters turn into little creature that demonstrates the meaning of the word. If your kid can already, chances are they are too old to enjoy a game like this so that is something to bear in mind. It is also free to download.

Top games for kids android 2016 – Explorium: Ocean For Kids

Explorium: Ocean for Kids is a game for kids where your kid plays as 2 other kids who are exploring the ocean finding Atlantis. On the way they learn about the ocean and it’s a lot of things. It comes complete with the game itself along with a small assortment of facts about underwater life. There is even a mode in which parents can play with their children. There are no in app purchases, advertising, or social media links that make it kid safe.

Top games for kids android 2016 – Intellijoy games

Intellijoy is a game designer in the Google Play Store which concentrates on kids games. There are simple titles such as Connect the Dots and ABC Letters to more recreational things like Kids Painting and Preschool Puzzles. Almost their apps and games are highly regarded by parents and are useful for younger kids. Another option is using their all-in-one app to purchase all of their games for $21.99 (usually around $50 if you buy them separately) and have access to their whole library of apps and games once and for all. If you do not want to pay, quite much all games come with a free version.

Top games for kids android 2016 – Lego Bionicle

Lego Bionicle is a game which is more suitable for older kids. They get to play as some amazing looking Lego robots as they take on evil robots. It is a tap-to-play game that keeps it easy for kids while the big explosions and lively graphics will keep them interested. It may be a tad violent for some parents, however, there is no actual violence against people, only robots. It is also free with no in app purchases and many children are already used to the Lego brand.

Top games for kids android 2016 – Pou

Pou is an easy little game which is reminiscent of the ancient Tamagotchi digital pet games from the 1990’s. In this game, your child will be asked to look after an alien pet by feeding it, playing games with it, and maybe dressing it up. It is a great way to teach your kids how to look after things and it is a good way to prepare them for raising a real life pet. It is also fun and free to play.

Top games for kids android 2016 – Slice Fractions

Many people hate fractions and hate math due to fractions. Slice Fractions is a game which allows your children to learn fractions in a fun and distinctive way. As your child makes progress, they will be asked to deal with fraction-based puzzles. There are over 90 puzzles overall and children will learn the basic rules in things like equivalent fractions, subtracting fractions, and so on. It is $2.58 to buy but there are no in app purchase or advertisement.

Top games for kids android 2016 – Temple Run

Temple Run is an interesting game for kids due to its cartoon graphics and its ease of game play. They are essentially just running away from a bad guy and they need to avoid obstacles and get coins. It is highly addictive and there are a couple of Temple Run games to select. There are in app purchases but they are not required to play or do well which is a plus. It is a very common game with over 100 million installs up until now.

Top games for kids android 2016 – Threes!

Threes! is a common game which took the world by storm in 2014. It is an easy puzzle game where you have to combine all the threes to make sixes, all the sixes to make 12’s, and so on. The graphics and game play are very simple even though the game may be too tough for younger kids. Threes! has no in app purchases but if you wish a free version of this game and do not mind having in app purchases, then 2048 is another good choice.

Top games for kids android 2016 – Where’s My Water?

Where’s My Perry is a puzzle game by Disney in which you have dig through dirt to make a path for water to flow. There are various versions of this game with Mickey Mouse and Perry but they are all the same concepts. Disney has a “free trial, paid version” so when you download the apps for free, they are just trial versions until you buy and unlock the full version of this game. There are only some games and they are all fun and tough.

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