Game on Vietnam street was funded 1 billion Facebook


News Road has more than 6,000 downloads on iOS and Android, including English and Vietnamese.

Date 10/16/2016, News Road – simple games on the mobile of a Japanese girl in Vietnam – by HanelSoft – a member company under production Hanel cooperation with a Japanese company – suddenly received the grant is 40,000 USD – equivalent to nearly 1 billion from FBStart – an assistance program for startup FaceBook go towards applications.
Currently, there are more than 6,000 Vietnamese Road downloads on iOS and Android, including English and Vietnamese. Fanpage ‘Game News Road’ also reached number like 10,000. Realizing the potential and attractiveness of a different mini-game, create community-wide spread in the network, Facebook has funded $ 40,000 assistance to Vietnamese Road, is converted in the form of services used by Facebook partners and suppliers.
News Road based on the idea of the story through the difficult but also full of interesting visitors to Vietnam for the first time. The old Honda filled with furniture or transporting chickens, pigs, ducks cried loudly; Her bike selling balloons; or sometimes a large displacement cars buzzing along …; all the sounds and colors that streets Vietnam became an inspiration for young girls Japanese created the first game of street Vietnam – Vietnamese Road.
“This game, I created from love for the country of Vietnam. I really love this place and want to do something in order to promote the culture and attractions of my friends in Japan and other countries to both of you. Traffic Vietnam although not very good but it’s quite interesting. So I imagine that I’m walking tour through Vietnam, to famous landmarks, renowned food dishes of Vietnam, by crossing the road from Hanoi, Danang to Hoi An, Phu Quoc. Each city, you could take pictures and record your own beautiful moment “- Kaori Enomoto, girls to Vietnam two years ago and is the author News Road shared.
Not only creates attractive about the difficulty of the game or the shape is very simple, but funny, typical of each city, Vietnamese Road attract players remaining in the actual interaction; from the experience of the tourists had arrived in Vietnam. Fan-page on the News Road, foreigners can see the instructions and tips on how to cross the road, the gourmet delights, beautiful landscapes etc …, to be able to refer to a safe trip to Vietnam and stayed.
News Road has now reached the TOP 40 of the application and the prize games Bluebird 2016. With support package of Facebook, with tools and services, the development team News Road expected to create huge success step for the series bearing Vietnamese identity, to promote the cultural, social and tourism in Vietnam to international friends.

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