Gemini Rue: a brilliant adventure game ever


If you love something traditional, Gemini Rue is best suited to you with the 2D pixel arts and point-and-click controls. It reminds of the adventure games of the early ‘90s.

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Being invented almost entirely by Joshua Nuernberger, an UCLA student, Gemini Rue is considered a look back to a bygone era. Then, it was picked up by indie publisher Wadjet Eye Games in development. As the final release, a gripping science fiction thriller weaves an amazing tale across two storylines. Although you’re not inspired to do anything in between these two story segments, it’s still worth pressing on and seeing what’s gonna happen next. With Gemini Rue, your time will be divided between two protagonists which are the story about Azriel Odin and the mysterious Delta-Six. As Azriel Odin, players will be an ex-assassin looking for his missing brother. About Delta-Six, he wakes up and figures out that his memory was wiped at the game’s outset. Now, he is trapped in an unknown rehabilitation clinic. Then, he has to complete his firearms training in order to eat.

Gemini Rue’s advantage is its story. At the beginning, you may think the two storylines are not relevant. But, gradually, they will begin to overlap in the way beyond your imagination. The pace between the two protagonists is masterfully balanced and you will never get lost in the middle. Whenever you start to figure things out for one, the game will switch perspectives to the other. It means that Azriel may find out a critical clue to his brother’s whereabouts moments before the game cuts to Delta-Six listening to the conflicting reports from his friends about what happened before his memory lost.

The actual gameplay of Gemini Rue is very simple. The solution to any puzzle is so obvious that it can’t be a challenge for you. The puzzles will give the action of what is essentially an interactive novel to support you. Then, you will never have difficulty in attempting obtuse, trial-and-error item combinations or pixel hunting for the smallest key hidden in a busy background. But, remember that the game slips into monotony at the time you go through the motions of its clearly prescribed path to the next plot point.

About the shooting segments, your character will drop into cover when a firefight starts. Then, you can lean out and shoot the enemy. It’s obvious that you may want to stay behind cover when being shot at and then lean out when your enemy stops shooting. You have to be very quick before your enemy finds out a place to hide.

The wonderful story, beautiful and retro graphics and jazz or piano tracks that emphasizes the sci-fi, Gemini Rue totally meets the need of those who are interested in adventure games. When you start playing, you won’t be able to put it down until you come to the final act. Gemini Rue is such a wonderful game that you should experience!

Download Gemini Rue: Android

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