How do I get more coins on Slotomania?

How do I get more coins on Slotomania?

Just like a real slot machine, coins are very necessary. Therefore players usually wonder how do I get more coins on Slotomania and now we will show you how.

Slotomania is a casino game loved by thousands of people in the world and how do I get more coins on Slotomania is the most frequently-asked question. This game attracts around 13 000 logins a day and earn 120,000USD daily by betting. Although players receive free coins daily from the game, they still desire to earn more coins to enjoy the game. Here in this article, we will show you some basic methods to fill up your budget in Slotomania.

How do I get more coins on Slotomania? Go to Slotomania’s forum

The very first and easiest way that anyone would think of when they ask the question of how do I get more coins on Slotomania is player’s forum. Slotomania’s forum is a gathering place for all Slotomania lovers around the world. There are many posts and article shared about tips and tricks to play this virtual slot machine. Many players share the bonus link or software in this forum, all you have to do is to follow the instruction from the post to get more coins.

How do I get more coins on Slotomania? Go to Slotomania Free Coins Bonus Page

Another worth noticing method to earn more coins is to log in GameHunters.Club. This is the site that generates free gift daily and it is also a network for players to share their bonus link with ShareLinks Plugin. The difference between GameHunters.Club and Slotomania’s forum is that the bonus link shared in GameHunters.Club can be collected while surfing the Facebook timeline or newsfeed.

It is witnessed that around 40 to 60 bonus links are posted every day; therefore, around thousands of free coins are waiting to be collected. The coins collected can be quite significant if you have Gold or Platinum status. This is such a perfect answer for the concern of how do I get more coins on Slotomania.

Increase your Bonus Multiplier

The developers of Slotomania had invented a bonus multiplier system for players which allow them to increase their budget dramatically. For example, a new player kicks off with bronze status (x1), then will level up to silver status (x5) and will be upgraded to Gold level (x15). Let’s imagine that you have achieved 2,000 free coins and your status is silver, then you will automatically earn 10,000 coins.

In the effort of solving the question of “how do I get free coins on Slotomania”, we have concluded that the players should update their own status. it is very easy and simple to update your status, you just have to play their mini games such as Bingo Blitz, Caesars Casino, House of Fun, Bingo Rush 2 and World Series of Poker and then level up. Then you can collect your bonus through the site GameHunters.Club

Slotomania Free Bonus Gift Tips:

One of the easiest ways to earn more coins is to collect free gifts in Slotomania; therefore, it is very important to check the gift box every. These gifts include free coins or extra spins and usually available for 3 days. The value of the gifts depends on the status of the player. In order to receive many free gifts every day, it is important for you to have a wide network.

Keep Collecting Free Coins

Overall, there are many more ways to answer the question “How do I get more coins on Slotomania”, however, in the limit of this article, we would like to show you some easiest and most likely to success methods such as download the Puffin application on Androids. This is considered a very simple and time saving method to attain more coins. This app is similar to a web browser on computer, moreover, it contains some functions like virtual TrackPad, GamePad to help you during the process. After collecting the bonuses, all the tabs should be closed to avoid slowing down your device and browsing ability.

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