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“How do I download Candy Crush Saga” is the most common question. Now, you can get the answer from the veteran game developer King.

Currently, the famous candy game has various options to play on many devices: smart phones, tablets, online, Facebook and especially, people can directly download and install to play on their PC. This article will help you answer the question of how do I download Candy Crush Saga by providing trusted sources and links to download the most -updated version

Q: How do I download Candy Crush Saga for iPhone?

According to the recent research by eMarketer, more than 90 million US people regularly use an iPhone for daily communication, making IOS the second most users’ mobile operating system after Android. This operating system is one of the key markets that King exploits and introduces their creative product.

You can easily download the app by clicking the link published on Candy Crush Saga’s official webpage to get the app right to your Itunes placed inside your Mac or PC. It will automatically sync to your iPhone with the same Itunes account. Or you can just go to the app store and type the name of the game; it will appear with many other recommendations such as Candy Crush Soda Saga or Candy Crush Jelly Saga.

Q: How do I download Candy Crush Saga for Android smartphones?

Similarly, the game made its debut on the Google Play from the earlier time and has received much love from the Android community, rating the game 4.3/5. If you are holding an Android smartphone and want to get the latest version of the addicting little game, simply click on this link or go to the Google Play to make some typing work.

Q: How do I download Candy Crush Saga for Windows smartphones?

The good news for all Candy Crush Saga lovers is that King has finally decided to bring its presence to Windows phone’s Microsoft store.  Many Window phones user has long complained that their app number is so limited compared to two other main operating systems. Due to the super popularity of the candy games, the developer wants to expand the customer community by providing access to the game on many other devices.

Q: If my smartphone is not supporting above operating systems, how do I download Candy Crush Saga?

There are still rooms for other mobile phone operating systems, notably BlackBerry. However, if you belong to this list; we are very sorry to tell you that currently you cannot play this wonderful and exciting game on your smart phone. But this does not mean that you cannot taste the sweet experience, in this case you can try playing the online version right from Facebook or Online. This way, you can take a break from a long-working list of deadlines by playing some levels of delightful candy game without leaving your computer. It is also advised in many Candy Crush guide and cheat that the online version is somewhat easier to solve, especially for hard level.

Download Candy Crush Saga: Android

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