How to battle on Clash of Clans: tips and tricks


Clash of Clans is easy to get use to, but difficult to master. Then, here are a few tips for those looking for how to battle on Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans is easy to get use to, but difficult to master. Even the best players take about 2 years to reach the top level. Because it’s a strategy game, victory could depend on whose mind is sharper and more creative. Nonetheless, there are a few tips to help anyone looking for how to battle on Clash of Clans.

How to battle on Clash of Clans: Plan before you attack

Victory comes with preparation. Destroying the Town Hall or plundering 50% of the resources equate a win, therefore, plan your attack and defense carefully. On the defense side, focus on upgrading mortars and air defenses and position them at appropriate positions for maximum firing coverage. On the other hand, upgrade the Town Hall and elixir potions storage before going on the offensive. Next, train the troops to the best possible. An effective but easy to perform combo is to draw the enemy troops out to the open area with bait, then crush them with a thunder spell.

How to battle on Clash of Clans: Know your enemies’ strength (or level)

Don’t risk going after enemies with a big level gap from you. While it is true that they yield higher rewards, the chance of getting defeat and losing scores of your own is really high. Instead, try to go for those at lower level than you, especially if you aren’t confident in your skills yet. They may give low rewards, but defeat enough and you could earn those much needed trophies; plus, more experience. Once you are confident in your ability, then you could go for those high level players.

Join a clan

How to battle on Clash of Clans – Clan is a community of players working together to achieve more goals and rewards. There are multiple benefits of joining a clan: being in a community means you would have other players backing you up, through the mean of troop request and donation – this means when your base is under attack, fellow clan members can lend you a hand in protecting it. Also, clans can go to war with each other, with the victor receiving some very valuable rewards.

Be patient

How to battle on Clash of Clans – Everything in the game takes time to complete, whether it’s building the base, training troops, waiting for spells and traps cooldown, etc. Either you could spend gems to speed things up, or you could be patient. Refrain from spending gems is important. Unless you pay real money to buy gems, this currency is hard to acquire, and they should be spent on essential purchases like Builder’s Huts instead of on every mundane thing.

Patience is also important in regard to shield use. Beside those that you purchase, shields are granted upon the destruction of the camp with up to 16-hour timer. Use these valuable time to rebuild the base and stockpile troops and resources. Don’t go on the offensive before the shield’s timer runs out. Wait at least until the last 30 minutes of shield time to gather as many resources as possible before attacking, which will cancel the effect of the shield.

Above are some of the few tips on how to battle on Clash of Clans. If you are losing a lot and looking for a way to turn your luck around, consider following these tricks and victory could come your way.

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