How to breed gold dragon in Dragon Story


It’s important to know how to breed Gold Dragon in Dragon Story, as it is considered as treasure element in this game.

The Gold Dragon is developed as the second Diamond Hybrid Dragon for Dragon Story. Each type of dragon in this app has certain features and fomulas, therefore, players must learn how to breed Gold Dragon in Dragon Story to get that one. Different from the original hybrid dragon, the Crusader Dragon, it features two very unique elements to create dragon for your dragon city which also includes an air-element combination. The creators of Dragon Story associated the elements of Diamond and Air to bring this impressive Gold Dragon in your Dragon Story market and that will simply entertain players.

It can be said that Dragon breeding is a special part of the game play in Dragon City. However, it is difficult to figure out how to breed Gold Dragon in Dragon Story without the formula. Some formulas and guidelines on how to breed Gold dragon in Dragon City will be provided below.

The basic of Dragon City breeding is that you will first have to level up your dragon by feeding to at least level 4 and build a building ground. Then you can choose which of the dragon that you would like to breed. It will take some time for the dragons to produce the eggs and even more time for the eggs to hatch. One thing you should remember in this guide about how to breed Gold Dragon in Dragon Story is that the type of offspring depends on the parents. Besides, there is luck element involved in breeding that you may not always get exact dragon you are looking for.

You may breed the Gold Dragon by using a Diamond Dragon and an Air Dragon; therefore, you must obtain the Diamond Dragon first. However, even if you have already had the Diamond Dragon, it won’t be easy to obtain the gold dragon. It’s emphasized that even you know how to breed Gold Dragon in Dragon Story, there is a small chance of getting exactly the dragon in this game. The dragons here can require quite patience and luck to get. If you do not achieve success with your dragon breeding, just keep on trying until you get it.

The breeding time is 44 hours, which is also counted as 2 days so you must continue to breed until successful. Please keep in mind that it does not matter which option you select your dragon for breeding. The level of your dragon also does not have any impact. None of these have influence on the breeding process and it’s ultimately up to luck given you have the correct combination. It’s not surprising when you can get other dragon that is made up of these elements, as the chances are up to your game. After hatching, the Gold Dragon will evolve once you have fed him to a particular level in the game.

In general, Dragon City is fun to play with if you know all the strategies of how to breed Gold Dragon to level up faster in the game.

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