How to get free gems for castle clash? Here is the answer!


Gems are very important in castle clash as it helps players purchase many necessities. In this article I’ll show you how to get free gems for castle clash.

Gems are the premium currency of Castle clash. You can purchase many things with gems such as gold, mana, honor badges, heroes and additional builders. Gems can be used as the factor to enhance the building speed to save time, to revive heroes or to recruit new talents; therefore, its usefulness cannot be denied. Gems can be earned through Achievements, Daily reward and Earn gems, however, in this writing, I’ll show you how to get free gems for castle clash in the safest and simplest way.

How to get free gems for castle clash: Castle Clash Cheats

The very first answer for the question of how to get free gems for castle clash is to use Castle clash cheats. Castle clash cheats will make some tricky moves and give you the resources that you want. With the new attained resources, you can upgrade your army, castle and level up faster.

This tool is quite simple, safe and easy to use as the only thing you have to do is to visit their online tool page. In the site, you will be required to fill out some columns to express your desired resources such as mana, gold, and gems. After that, this tool will deliver the amount of resources you have asked for. More importantly, unlike other hack site, Castle clash cheats does not require you to download anything to get free resources; therefore, you can avoid getting virus to your device.

How to get free gems for castle clash: Castle Hack

Unlike Castle clash cheats tool, castle hack provide you with codes that can be used to collect better weapon, more soldiers and bonus point in your game and this definitely improve your chance of winning when combat. Once you have gained the codes, you might have to do some research in castle clash wiki in order to know how to use the codes effectively.

Castle Hack tool is very simple to use, all player have to do is to log in the site and follow the instruction step by step. It is also worth noticing that you are not requested to download any extra application or to pay fee, so it is totally safe and easy to answer the question of how to get free gems for castle clash.

Castle Clash Hack Free Gems and Gold Cheats – mobile application

This newly fresh application has just been released in 2016. As a newbie of the hacking tool community, castle clash hack free gems and gold cheats has learnt from predecessor’s experience of how to get free gems for castle clash and created a better and improved version. Just like any hack tool, this castle hack can also help players to earn more resources such as gems, gold, elixir, shield, etc…

However, this application had made some improvements compares to other tools. This hack tool does not give your account or mobile data to game servers, so that the risk of being banned or lock out is minimized.

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