Implosion: Let’s join a breathless virtual world


Thousands of action games on App Store, but so hard to find one understands the limitations of hardware and creates exciting elements as Implosion does.

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Despite a premium-priced game, Implosion is worth every penny as it’s a well-designed action game with enjoyable progression, entertaining customization and amazing mechanics. Implosion puts you in the role of Jake, a hotshot young pilot who joins a group of people that run away from the Earth in the wake of a global disaster. The storyline is that Jack and his team have been brought back to their home planet by an incident, where they have to fight against a strange life form known as the XADA.

Mastering the controls


In Implosion, the controls are pretty easy to learn, but players are required a bit of concentration and practice to master them. There are one attack button, one evade button and other three basic buttons for you to get familiar with. All you need to do is to simply tap the button repeatedly to execute a basic attack combo, or hold the button down for brief intervals to access to different combos. Make sure you practice this often and learn what the different combos are, and then you could quickly make use of them in different situations. In addition, your dodge roll provides you with a brief example of invulnerability, which turns out to be really effective when you use to defend the attack of enemy.

Getting new RA Abilities

In order to get new abilities, you may equip a new main ARK for yourself and it is available in the main menu. You’ll see seven different slots when going into the ARKs menu. The big one in the middle of menu is your main ARK that determines which RA abilities you have access to.

Badge requirements

As you’re now truly participating in this game, don’t forget to pay attention to badge requirements and accomplish them if possible. For starters who still have the vague concept of badges, it’s really simple to understand. In Implosion, with a few different bonus objectives given in each completed mission, you will be rewarded a badge, and when you get enough badges, you’ll be able to unlock a special reward. If you take a look at all of the different badge requirements, you will see clearly that some of the badges are much easier than others. However, you may find some of them pretty much impossible to complete on your first play through, like accomplishing a mission without using any shield, or perform it extremely fast. Others may make it easier to focus on other badges the second time around.

Ark System

This is where players can equip new items they gained. Players have to tap on one of the circles to see inventory that can be equipped. Gamers need to take that into consideration as some have negative effects.

Download Implosion: Android

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