Is Hungry Shark Evolution any good?


Hungry Shark Evolution utilizes the unique characteristics to deliver a fun and action-packed game in the still-uncharted genre: eat-them-up.

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Sharks – one of the most fearsome predators in the world. Anyone who watched “Jaws” remembers all the horrors this creature brings: an unquenched hunger, sharp teeth, quick movement and strength. Hungry Shark Evolution utilizes these characteristics to deliver a fun and action-packed game in the still-uncharted genre: eat-them-up.


For those unfamiliar, the premise of Hungry Shark Revolution is: the player assumes the role of a shark on the journey to fill its belly. The game offers different schools of fish to choose from as well as any unlucky bird flies low enough to be snatched, but the most delicious meals (at least that’s what we assume) are the human. There are those tourists just chilling on a float, swimmers and unsuspected scuba divers, all are tasty and fun to hunt (because they run). While hunting, the shark also must avoid dangers such as mines, jellyfish, or those bigger, meaner sharks (“It’s a shark eats shark world”).

The health and stamina is tied together. By feeding on those preys, your shark grows bigger and stronger, until a certain level in which you can choose to upgrade to a bigger one. The points collected also serve to improve the attributes of the sharks, or at the very least let gamers “pimp” them with wild and over-the-top accessories. Additionally, you will unlock more of the world, hunt in different environment, even going to space for those tasty alien fish!


For a mobile game, Hungry Shark Evolution looks surprisingly nice. The underwater surrounding is beautiful, with a mixture of reefs, caverns, and multiple fish species swimming peacefully (before you eat them). The attention to details is also astounding: seagulls swooping down low, jellyfish swimming pattern, the panicked movement of swimmers and blood fading into the ocean… give the game a realistic feeling. You can never grow bored in the vastness of the ocean or run out of ways to eat with over 75 missions & objectives to spice up every session.


Like all games these days, Hungry Shark Evolution comes with in-app purchases. But instead of shoving them down players’ throat like those products from cough EA cough, the IAPs in Hungry Shark Evolution are strictly optional for anyone who wishes to be powerful faster. For others, grinding through the world, albeit time-consuming, is enough to achieve success.

To sum up, Hungry Shark Evolution is a simple but fun idea executed perfectly. Swimming around chomping a plethora of fish and human in one epic swoop is an exhilarating experience for people looking to pass some time.

Download Hungry Shark Evolution: Android

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