How to join the best Clash of Clans’ clans


How to join the best Clash of Clans’ clans is a big question for Clash of Clans players who want to form or join a clan with others. Then, check this guide out!

Like the title of the game implied, in Clash of Clans players have the ability to form or join a clan with others (like a guild or community in different games). But, with every body have the power of forming their own clans, it is easy to get lost in a wide range of selection. So in this guide we will show you how to join the best Clash of Clans’ clans.

Finding the best Clash of Clans’ clans

People join clans for different reasons. Some crave battles, other want to trophy push. For those who don’t know, Trophy Pushing is essentially the act of achieving the most trophies and move as high as possible in Leagues. So, finding the best Clash of Clans’ clans that suit your play style is important. If you want a war clan, find a high level one. A high trophy clan would be suitable for trophy pushing.

If you just want to have some companions during your gaming experience and not a very competitive person, then don’t just jump into any high level clan. A clan with high trophy or level isn’t necessary a good clan. Look at these criteria when searching for the best Clash of Clans’ clan to join:

1. A high donation ratio: Once you join a clan, you can donate some extra troops to other members who requested them. This is a signal of good will which can earn you respect from others. Also donation can give you free EXP and occasionally gems. A clan with a high donation ratio means its clan members are constantly active and always donating.

2. High number of members: Besides the fact that more members means better troops receive, a clan with high number of people would have a better life span and a healthier gaming environment.

3. Members with levels not too far apart: This is important. A clan with players at nearer levels and skills are more prone to cooperation than a clan with huge level gaps. Also, when looking to join a clan, choose one suitable to your level. If you are a 50 – 60 players, don’t push your luck and join the 100+ level clans, even though those maxed out could be among the best Clash of Clans’ clans.

If you find out a clan that match those criteria, simply request to join. Of course, it’s impossible to know just from the data if a clan is good or not, so try them out for a few days and if it’s not your cup of tea, go look for another.

Now since clans are area-limited, there could be a variation of clan quality between different regions. A tip is to go to Settings and switch the language of the game to Norsk. This is a global server (with different languages but English mostly) and they have some of the best Clash of Clans’ clans available out there.

Finally, you can go on the internet to find a list of clans recruiting people. They frequent sites like Reddit, ClashofClans.wikia,, ClashofClans-tools, etc. There are different criteria and requirement for their recruit, but most of them are newbie-friendly and good communities fill with people passionate about the game.

Follow the above tips to find the answer of the question “How to join the best Clash of Clans’ clans” and have the best gaming experience.

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