Just look at this picture, you’ll love the game more than ever


Under the skilful hands of the director, screenwriters, musicians, game has become the works go beyond mere entertainment world

Until now, the story is the content which usually Vietnamese gamers “ignored” when playing online games, and even, the players also did not need to read any of the summary can still solve tasks Phang Phang way. They were so used to the “next” – quick click to skip the dialogue of the characters and move to the task always.
Just do not blame the players do. Online game storyline sometimes not be as impressive in the world and the vast extent of the titles that describe. The first thing that affects reading habits of gamers Vietnam plot is itself the story is presented like. Obviously after repeatedly trying to understand the industry tops, read word by word and then realize that it is not necessary to extremely tedious, players will generate response “quick click through to complete” because it has lost time to never interesting.
In addition, the game’s mission system is also not plot driven, they’re too simple, players do not need to read the manual could easily be completed and received prizes. Most of them were built just around the … “monsters”. Thus, gamers need to know the location of the monster (with instructions available) and run until it hit it alone, they will not need to pay attention, read the storyline quest to discover more hidden characters equipped for side or prizes.
At the other extreme, is a love game offline gamers, these masterpieces are AAA developers always painstakingly created things where we hungrily, searching, tinkering by little, bit by bit in order not to give up missed anything, from a hidden task, a valuables if gaming style “riding watch flower” will never be able to own. And more importantly, is the plot of a game.
Yesterday, accidentally surfing 9gag, I saw this picture, though known to ancient but still makes itself ponder:
Ignore those bad games, these games focus on action gameplay or beautiful images, the blockbuster game launch each year always cared about the plot to one square inch spikes, creating a work of great stay for the gaming community.
Only a few days ago, I experienced one of the best single-player end of the year. That is Battlefield 1. The short story, seemed disjointed but are connected to one another than class, create a panorama of bloody wars the early twentieth century. At the center of the front the soldiers enough, enough nationality, full color, with different tasks.
None of these displays “balanced teams” like action movies, nor those who came hê as heroes. Simply we control the characters in the game completed its mission, and in return, the game will “reward” you with different emotions. From relieved when he saw two soldiers rose hobbled from the battlefield full of smoke, to torment the brothers reunite, but life is not like a dream, and there is both tragic, taking away tears when legendary players accept fate dialogue to revive the young …
Meanwhile, music also plays a great catalyst for the CG film scene is the game makers create. As a gamer, make sure there was a time you have with the music sobbing at times spectacular, at times troubled but talented musician who has worked to compose. Along with the wonderful sounds in the game, something that sometimes the voices of Hollywood professionals have worked much less serious than the blockbusters are made headlines at the cinema. If the list here the music to accompany childhood had many generations of Vietnamese gamers, we will have a list that probably also heard of … next year yet.
At a time when many players are busy playing games since Vietnam beautiful pictures, then partly inseparable identities of those games you’re playing every day of the almost ignored. Last year, I myself had to gasp in surprise at the sound and music of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate.
In the game offline, you are driven central character. This means that game makers can fully create the story around that character. This makes the game offline with the storyline often easy to get into the mind, if not to say that some of the story behind the property is full of implications, attracting the attention of the gaming community.
No exaggeration, the indie game storyline sometimes be much less impressive blockbuster. For example, Virginia, a full-length game with exactly 2 hours by a recent movie I introduce to you. In the game completely without any public dialogue. All are described by pictures, by angle, experiencing first-person perspective, using gestures, facial, using psychological evolution of the characters in the game. You have to go to find answers to these questions appear in the game, will have to think a lot even after the game ended. Is not art masterpiece things everyone wants to experience the stars?
And so, under the talented hands of the director, writer, musician, the game has become a work beyond and pure entertainment. It brings a deeper experience of the film thanks to the amount of free time, but has been imaging technology to help the imagination of gamers rather have to draw the scenery of the best-selling novel.

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