Knights Chronicle – Anime style MMORPG Japan


Chronicle’s Knights style mobile game Japanese Anime extremely nice and the gameplay is also very attractive to gamers.

Accordingly, the Knights Chronicle is an anime-style MMORPG Japan cute polar newly Netmarble Games open registration closed beta in the Japanese market. This is the mobile game with simple 2D graphics mixed with 3D environments, but still enough to attract viewers by technology creates realistic images, and extremely colorful.
Knights Chronicle – Anime style MMORPG Japan
We have very little information about the Knights Chronicle except some screenshots and trailers stunning animation. But viewers can also imagine how the gameplay is to follow the style blend of traditional RPG and tactical real-time quality requires sensitivity calculations where players. Here, you have to establish a strong team, develop and upgrade heroes strong enough to defeat the dark powers.

Trailer wonderful cartoon of Knights Chronicle
With Knights Chronicle, gamers will be familiar with the traditional turn-based fighting style under the screen along with the challenging game screen. By combining the skills and arrangement squad combat, you’ll have to figure out how to destroy enemy forces that still preserve the main character and his friends.
Knights Chronicle – Anime style MMORPG Japan
In addition to the familiar turn-based battles in Knights Chronicle, gamers while also experience immersive bold style. Here, the player character possesses will be supported by a multitude of different systems, such as gain experience to level up, investment choices and skills enhancement to increase the power of weapons, as well as recruiting partner to be able to increase the strength to fight for the team.
Show Knights Chronicle allows gamers to pre-register interest from 20.9 to 02/10 with the total number of participants was 5,000. Closed beta will start from October 3 and ends on October 16 next.
Although not yet released but Knights Chronicle also promises to be a game worth the wait as the entertainment factor is enhanced with a combination of fire during fighting action ever flooded the screen.

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