Macro Lineage: Red Knights – mobile version of one of the best online gaming history


Developed by NCsoft games based on the company’s most popular, Lineage: Red Knights has now started trials in the Korean market.

Developed by NCsoft online games based on the company’s most famous, Lineage: Red Knights have begun to enter the testing phase in the Korean market. Is based somewhat on the PC cult elder should be disclosed since, Lineage: Red Knights were immediately sold to China in the amount of up to US $ 10 million to buy the copyright.
There are plenty of mobile version of the blockbuster Lineage is conceived but Lineage: Red Knights is a new unique mobile game developed by NCsoft promises once again causing storm gamer community.

Video game play Lineage: Red Knights
Through video demo Korean version of Lineage: Red Knights can see, titles will remain the core content and gameplay features the franchise’s Lineage world. Gamers can be conquered territory, besieged the fort, …
Besides, Lineage: Red Knights also a strong focus on community factors, gamers must establish and build the league of their own citadel. Mechanism PvE and PvP combat in the game will take up the activities at the same time to comply with the group is absolutely necessary.
Furthermore, the graphics in Lineage: Red Knights showed differences compared to the predecessor ahead. Instead of going under the Gothic with realistic graphics and environments overcast this new mobile version of the cute chibi style, color and brighter.
Expected, Lineage: Red Knights will also have the English version and was released on 12.08.2016 in 12 countries. All the latest information about the game will be updated by us to you in the following article. Note welcome to read offline!

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