Marvel Future Fight: the most recommended role-play game for Android platform


If you’re in love with Marvel’s superheroes, Marvel Future Fight is a perfect game for you. With this game, you will enjoy the most incredible experiences!

Being described as a dungeon crawler, Marvel Future Fight provides two options for players to use either virtual joystick and button controls or tap-based controls. Moreover, players can select normal attacks or more powerful skills unique to each hero. Traveling in a team of three heroes, players are allowed to switch between heroes whenever they want. However, remember that if they want to switch from Hero 1 to Hero 2, it may take a while before being able to switch back to Hero 1.

There is a wide range of missions for players to perform which are Villain Siege, Daily Missions, Special Missions and World Boss. In order to execute Villain Siege mission, players need to form a team of three to battle a boss. In Daily Missions, there are a lot of mini-stories changed every day. While Story Missions are part of main storyline, Special Missions have a lot of stories based on the Guardians of the Galaxy and Marvel’s Ant-man. Then in World Boss, players can form a team of three members or a supporting team of five members to fight with bosses. Moreover, in Story Missions, players are allowed to use clear tickets which instantly give them the reward and complete the mission without playing it.

Besides, there are four types of Arena Battles provided for players in Marvel Future Fight. In Timeline Battles, there are PvP battles for three-man teams. Team-Up Play is a co-op battle which allows up to three online players to form a team. Players can form a team of 4-6 members in Battleworld, a once-daily event. Alliance Battle is available for those who have joined an alliance. It is a once-daily event that rewards xp for the alliance and for players as well.

Energy is necessary to execute each mission. Players can gain energy by leveling up SHIELD base or getting game rewards and achievements. Marvel Future Fight offers over sixty different heroes, each of whom has different skills and attacks. Then, players can select up to 5 heroes to set up a team. If players have certain members on the team, they can use team bonuses provided by Marvel Future Fight to give buff to the team members. In order to unlock and rank up heroes, players need to obtain Biometrics found in certain missions as well as the shop. Besides, using EXP chips can be another option to level up heroes. Furthermore, players are able to customize heroes by upgrading skills, buying more gears and equipping ISO-8 gems. Upgrading skills will make heroes more powerful and buying more gear will improve a specific part of the hero. In addition, players can buy chest, energy or clear tickets, etc. In SHIELD Lab, there are four possible buildings for players to build which are an Antimatter generator, a Warping device, Biometric Converter and a mini-store.

If you’re a big fan of Marvel, Marvel Future Fight will bring you the great joy. Let’s rock your summer with Marvel Future Fight!

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