The online game will torture your computer, but the play is very “happy”


Beautiful graphics similar to your computer will be exhausting, but along with the image, the play of the game online will also keep you very long

Star Citizen
Star Citizen is a game development project was started fundraising in 2012 and is expected to be completed in 2015. Star Citizen is set in a future world in 30 century when the earth is subject to the system value of UEE (United Empire of Earth).
Star Citizen allows players to play a citizen of UEE and are seeking to improve their position in society by participating and completing the military mission. Players will be able to drive the beautiful craft and experience the feeling dogfight in space interact and exchange or trade with other players.
The game is rated quite high in terms of graphics, interface with highly interactive and realistic, allowing players to transform into a real astronaut.
Basically, TOXIKK is an online game with fast paced game, combines stunning graphics and gameplay style with skills for each character in the game. The fact TOXIKK like a Quake or Halo version more, with gameplay mechanics with double jump and the jump pad allows gamers get the advantage on high, thereby treating opponents beauty underneath.
Along with that, a free demo of the game will also be released in the near future, allowing fans to experience the more important test of the game, but you will not be able to select the server to play, and multiplayer modes in the full version to buy a new license key will also be removed.
The game was officially released on the Steam platform is free, you just need to press the Play the Game is can enjoy immediately. Details you can refer to the game’s website:
Escape From Tarkov
Before opening, the game’s NSX has shared more about the virtual world of this game: The Escape From Tarkov names, all of them think just out of the city abandoned named this Tarkov then everything will end. But the reality is absolutely no such thing, even when they have completed this task, you Supreme still a billion things to do!
Specifically, the line outside the main task is to rid the city of Tarkov then gamers will have a thousand other things to explore here with the task of hiding, the secret few people know and even for genuine items, new skills very interesting. In addition, the game can also add this DLC after launch again, so gamers can rest assured War Escape From Tarkov without fear ‘end game playing “.
However, the share in fact just the distant future, to escape the city in the game Tarkov really an extremely arduous task that gamers play alone is almost impossible. You will have exchange furniture, coordinating with the other players to learn the skill or overcome the challenges on the road.
Black Desert Online
Black Desert introduces players to a vast open world, allowing gamers can freely explore, move back and forth between all the lands. It is remarkable because of the beautiful graphics, a map in the Black Desert is a very nice design, with many characteristics carefully so that players can explore, such as the material is scattered on the map , which players can collect to manufacture furniture, equipment or perform tasks.
World in the game is based on Medieval Europe. However, the design of works, the context really makes you more details at Black Desert can feel like the real thing, including character designs are very nice. According to many gamers, the most attractive of the Black Desert is not stunningly sharp graphics platform which is the mechanism to fight “has hands like game offline”.
This is a special combination with the small semi-target mechanism, there are skills you can non-target, but there is some skill to require players to target on target to implement (like Blade and Soul) . Besides, things like dodge, jump … also been included to help players can “counter” to the enemy’s attacks.
Rising Fire
Rising Fire really not purely a conventional shooter focuses on aspects of action to monitor gun battle between players together that brings a lot of role-playing elements. Accordingly, the player will work together, and the same goes for furniture destroy monsters, giant boss hunting, exploring the dungeon …
The bottom line of Fire Rising is the diverse mix between a wide variety of weapons, creating special items. In aggregate, the player can create up to a million different types of guns. Of course, to use them, the gamer must also choose character classes that suit their weapons created.
Rising Fire is a game … beautiful, beautiful to surprise. From the character’s face to clothing, weapons, environments are very detailed, plus a dramatic effect when the gun fired, the skill or light environment … Overall this is a very nice game and it’s a pity when you can not ‘see’ eyes.
Rising Gameplay Fire has many similarities with the style Warframe and Destiny action 3rd perspective Many dungeons for players to explore, and the road will lead to the final boss of the place. Overcoming the challenges in the dungeon is not easy and gamers must seek to join or create a team work together to overcome. To be able to pass Pass alone is difficult, but still doable.

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