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Dead By Daylight

The online game with suffocating horror style, you can not ignore

Dead By Daylight
Dead by Daylight is a new multiplayer game titles launched in which players divided into two camps: One group of 4 characters is the weakness inability to fight face guy crazy serial killer by a gamer other controls. Groups often need to hide, escape and activate the generator in order to open the gate to escape from the forest, while the butcher needs to hunt with them before the above happened.
If you’ve played through the game Evolve then surely you will notice the similarities in 4vs1 modalities of the Dead by Daylight, there’s the character that we are all mortal, not warriors and monsters operating space any other planet. In comparison, Dead by Daylight appears similar to the horror film stock as Friday 13th, Hallween more by butchers in the Dead by Daylight can not be defeated by any measure.
Nothing much to say about the gameplay of Dead by Daylight when you play as the survivors by his experience as similar to the horror game genre survival. Most of the time players will use visual, auditory to sense the position of the murderer before he caught himself.
You can hide in bushes or inside the items scattered on the map to escape from enemy sight. Worst case being detected, you still have a chance if evade’s first attack because it makes murder he was stopped for a few seconds, enough for you to escape and find a new hiding place .
To the killer, hunting for survivors is both an “art”. Although immortal, but you only have a certain amount of time to prevent them from escaping through the activation of the generator on the map. Killer instinct that allows you to discover traces of the other characters if they were running in the woods, shown by the red line on the ground.
Some time ago, Sony has launched the blockbuster online games with impressive photo titled H1Z1, where you will have to do everything to survive in a world where zombies flooded after a mysterious epidemic. The context of the game is set during the dark future, a virus called human H1Z1 caused destruction, the fortunate survivors forced to fight with his fellow major but was infected sick.
The moment the player steps into the virtual world is about 15 years after the outbreak, in order to survive, you will need to search for food and water sources meager remnants and shelter by day, of course indispensable weapon against zombies mobile flood.
But after a period of operation, a brand new version of H1Z1, named H1Z1: King of the Kill has officially launched. From a survival online game, H1Z1: King of the Kill has become a countervailing shooter open world, complete with details like any blockbuster games like GTA or STALKER time with the region extremely dangerous because the virus still exists. Along with all these cars to wander all over the map and get transportation advantage in every game against other players.
Deceit, an online action game being developed Automaton, is one of those online games with gameplay in favor of a new survival horror arrives on Steam. Shooter with a first-person view promises to bring much less experience than the previous blockbuster like Left 4 Dead or psychological horror game first-person perspective, where you never Topping superhuman that, but always could not help worrying to preserve lives for themselves.
Surely you still remember the Dead by Daylight, where gamers have to escape from a serial killer. Deceit is not much different. You and five other players wake up in a large house. Two of six people have been infected with a dangerous virus stuff turning them into dangerous zombie. Your mission is simple: Exit the house before the zombies, who are killing other players.
It can be said, exactly as the name of the game is “Deceit”, if already infected, you will have to try to “integrate” community with 4 players and 1 other teammates to defeat the remaining 4 players . You will have to take deep as possible to gain the confidence of other players, with the ultimate goal is the deadly virus infects them in each game screen.
Friday the 13th
Friday the 13th in the Western conception is an unlucky day, and watch the games based on horror film of the same name – Friday the 13th is less affected when it has to be delayed from the time of fall 2016 issue to early 2017 – new information publishers Gun Media announced today on Kickstarter page.
In return, the company developed Illfonic said they will take advantage of this period to add multiplayer storyline for Friday the 13th, which was originally planned around ad hoc multiplayer section 7 vs. 1. Specifically, 7 players in the role of the boy she would like beautiful girls teens will have tried to escape from the clutches of killer Jason Voorhees mental. Currently Illfonic not disclose the contents of the campaign play, just know that it will be updated after Friday the 13th release, estimated at around summer 2017.
Gameplay of Friday the 13th may say quite similar to Dead by Daylight – a horror multiplayer game released on Steam in mid this year also allows gamers to play a murderer go hunt or one of those living must find a way to escape errors. However the highlight of the game lies in the character of Jason Voorhees – the name has long been a symbol of American horror film genre.

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