Play game candy crush saga online – a new way to experience


Generally regarded as a mobile game, the game has gained a powerful fan base, making the developer to release the option to play game Candy Crush Saga Online.

The main concept of Candy Crush is not new as we can see the similar game play in the famous offline game Bejeweled. The key to Candy Crush Saga’s great success lies in the new creative introduction of special candy combination and the powerful viral effect. The plot allows and requires helping and sharing to pass levels among online Candy Crush lover community. From the starting screen, players can see the “Connect to Facebook” option for users to compete with their social media friends. And due to the fact that a majority of us still use Facebook on the PC version, especially when we are at work, it is a very smart strategy from King – the developer company- to allow users to play game Candy Crush Saga Online.

How to play game Candy Crush Saga online?

There are two ways for users to play game Candy Crush Saga online, both of which are clearly instructed with official link on the website of the game. You can play the web-based version or the PC Facebook version. However, after trying both the two options, it is advised that you stick to the Facebook version for automatically linked to your Facebook account. The web-based version link provided by King on the official Candy Crush Saga website seems to change to French version, making it not so comfortable for people who do not know this language.

Why should we play game Candy Crush Saga online?

Up to now, the game is extremely popular among smartphones users because you can carry your phone with you and spend your time with these cute little candies everywhere. The main content of the game require a great deal of interaction with the screen, thus making the tapping and moving hand experience quite rewarding within the lively, funny and colorful background designed by a great graphic team. However, in some cases, it might be a wise move for you to play game Candy Crush Saga online with your PC. For example, when your smartphone account is run of lives, a switch to the online version will definitely give you more chances free of charge to continue the delicious journey. And you can believe me or not, in some very hopeless situation, when you think you cannot solve a single level, magic does happen when you try the online version of the game. The movement of the candies is somewhat slower in a time restrict level and playing your regular game from a different perspectives can refresh your mind and allow you to see new solution to combine candies.

Download Candy Crush Saga: Android

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