Poisson Rouge: amazing website for little kids


Poisson Rouge is a free interactive and educational website with a wide range of hilarious games and activities for kids in Flash-based interface.

Poisson Rouge doesn’t try to teach, it is actually an amazing wonderland for toddlers to learn every basic thing from ABC’s, to numbers, shapes and animals, in a fun and exciting way. There are dozens of hilarious games and activities for kids and toddlers aged from 3 to 7 years to play with, but only in case that they know how to use mouse. There are over 300 games and activities available, categorized in 49 sections with easy navigation and friendly animation. There are no rules or regulations; it’s up to the players to decide what to do.

Kids freely access to hundreds games in art, music, math, language ability, literature and so on. Kids can visit an art museum, play piano, play with a clock or choir, draw and color pictures, learn alphabet in 6 available languages, namely English, French, Spain, German, Greek or Chinese with a mini-game represented with each letter of the alphabet or learn math and numbers though interesting games like Board Game, Bugs, Dot to Dot, Clock, etc. Poisson Rouge seems to expand endlessly the collection of games, activities and animations within an intuitive free-text environment.A wide range of available languages allow international audience to engage in specific activities for an international audience or for kids who may be learning more than one language.

Poisson Rouge or known as Red Fish is an innovative website for children. They are encouraged to use mouse (and only mouse) to navigate through various games and activities. The manipulation is simply “single click” to start out, “click and drag” activities for sorting, matching and doing a bit more complex numeracy and literacy activities that require kids to know how to use computer’s mouse.For instance, sorting game demands players a “click and drag” of the fruits to place them into the correct bowls. Or matching game is cake making game when kids have to put the cake matched with the shadow until it is finally baked. In another game – fish game, players will be asked to match colours whilst naming the colour or zebra game is a classic puzzle to be completed.There are also various fields like Encyclopedia Interactica to learn about little everything around, Aquarium to explore marine life and creatures, Birds corner, Kids corner, etc. It is such a huge source of entertainment and learning.

An amazing play-and-learn environment available in both English and Frenchis freefor kids to explore.This play-and-learn combination is getting more and more popular for preschoolers and toddlers who haven’t got any access to school. But these games and activities can help them develop hand-eye coordination, mouse skills, number skills, reading skills, music, different languages, colour and so much more earlier.

Once inside, you are simply immersed in the world of Poisson Rouge. There is no text or no direction, everything is free-form and Poisson Rouge provides many free-form activities for children as soon as they can use the mouse. Carefully designed visual environments and soundscapes make Poisson Rouge’s productions resemble nothing else in the interactive world.

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