Pokemon Go: You go for Pokemon or go out of society?


A global phenomenon. A really big hit in game community. If Pokemon Go flashes into your mind, hell yeah, you’ve got the point!

After a long time of hoping and waiting (almost a year), the global phenomenon has finally been released!Kids and even adults have been jumping and screaming since the game first official released on September 9th last year. Since then, Pokémon Go has become one of the most astounding case in the game history, not only does it appear on every social media on the planet, but also on many other mass media forms.Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or even mainstream newspapers are flooded with #PokemonGo, the game is now far more popular than Netflix and Twitter. Only a few days after Pokémon Go was released in US, 6% of US Android owners were playing Pokémon Go, which exceed Netflix (3, 6%) and Twitter (4, 1%).

So far, Pokémon Go has earned more than 30 million worldwide downloads and bring back $35 million in revenue. However, the game is criticized for lacking the depth in gameplay. Basically, what you have to do is to walk around using your GPS signal to find nearby Pokémon. As a player and also a huge fan of Pokémon, there is something bugging me:Where is the combat system? I know Pokémon is all about explore the world and try to catch all those cute pocket monsters, but the one factor that fascinates millions of players all around the world is the deep combat system. I’m sorry guys, we haven’t got a chance to try all these moves, all the strategies to beat gym leaders like we used to have with our traditional Pokémon games. At least for now, we can only tap and flip. Dear Nintendo, us gamers want a Pokémon game, not a Flip the coin game.

The game is amazing at first, but then it gets boring when all I get to do is running around, bury my face in my smartphone. But then, once again, this is still a dream comes true for many Pokémon Go fans. The game still has a long way ahead, updates are coming and I have faith that one day (soon, I hope) the game will change into what we all expect it to be. So if you have a chance, this is what you need to do: Turn on your smartphone, download Pokémon Go and be a part of the biggest phenomenal of the year.

Pokemon Go: Beginner Guide

If you find Pokemon Go interesting and want to try it, here are all the things you need to know:

  • Look at the bottom right corner on your screen, in there, you can find out what kind of Pokémon is nearby. The one closest to you should be the one on the top left.
  • When you get close enough, the Pokémon will appear on your map. Tap it. Unfortunately, you won’t get the chance to battle the wild Pokémon. The only thing you can try is to capture it. Swipe forward to flip the Poke ball at the Pokémon. Pay attention to the ring color around it. Green means that this Pokémon is easy to catch, red means it is a tough one.
  • Capture as many as you can. Yes, in Pokemon Go, I know it is frustrating to capture the same Pidgey or Rattata again and again. But each time you capture a Pokémon, you will be rewarded with not only Experience, but also with Candy and Stardust and these things are necessary to power up and to evolve your Pokémon.
  • Stop at Poke stop in Pokemon Go. When you get close enough, the Pokestop will change shape. Spin the Photo Disc. Collect items appear in bubbles. After that, the Pokestop color will change to purple, which means you cannot collect anymore items until it turns back to its original color (blue).
  • You can also use Lure Modules in Pokestop. This item allows you to attract Pokémon to your place. So instead of walking around finding them, you can have a rest and wait for those cute monsters to come to you.
  • Look around your map appeared in Pokemon Go, you can see gyms (the huge structure). After level 5, you can get access to gyms. You can either train, defend or attack gyms. When you first interact with gyms, you will be offered with 3 teams to choose: Valor (red), Mystic (blue), and Instinct (yellow). Their roles are still unclear. Until now all we know is that each team has its own mascot which is a legendary bird. For Instinct it is Zapdos, for Mystic it is Articuno, and as for Valor, their team mascot is Moltres. So which one will you choose? Electric, ice or fire?
  • There are also some things you should remember when you want to battle in gyms. First of all, check the type of your enemy’s Pokémon. You don’t want to use Charmander against Gyarados. It is crucial to know the strength and weakness of each Pokémon type. Secondly, watch out for the blue bar beneath the HP bar. Each time you use a standard move (you can perform it by tap on the screen), a block will appear. After the blue bar is filled up, you can use special move. Tap and hold for a while, and then your special attack will be unleashed. Also, be aware that you can dodge by swipe left or right. When either you or your opponent Pokémon HP reaches 0, the battle will be over. After that, you can heal your Pokémon by using HP Potions. You can also use Revive to bring a Pokémon back to life.
  • Hatch eggs. Eggs can be obtained from Pokestop or through leveling up. Place your eggs in an incubator. 5 km egg means that you will need to travel a 5km distance in order for the egg to hatch. The same thing applies to 2km and 10 km eggs. I believe you get the idea. When the egg is hatched, you will be rewarded with a Pokémon, plus a generous amount of Exp, Stardust and Candy.

Pokemon Go: Some useful tips

  • Want to get a Pikachu? Walk away from 3 Pokémon Dr Willow offered you when you first play the game. Do it for 4 times, Pikachu will appear to you. Pokemon Go will have more fun than ever!
  • If you want to choose your Eevee evolution, there is a weird and cute way to do it. Name your Eevee before you evolve it. Name it Sparky if you want a Jolteon, Pyro for Flareon and Rainer for Vaporeon.
  • There are several advantages you can get when you are at high level: You can capture more powerful Pokémon. You will earn more special rewards like Great Ball, Ultra Ball, Lucky Eggs, Lure Modules… and so on. So the fastest way to level up in my opinion is to evolve your Pokémon. You will gain 500exp each time you evolve a Pokémon. My strategy is to catch every cute little monsters I see, gather all candy I need and evolve them.
  • Use your items wisely. Lucky eggs give you double exp for 30 minutes. Feed Razz berry to wild Pokémon with high CP, it is much easier to catch them after that. Use Incense and Lure Module to lure out Pokémon. Find an area with multiple Pokestop within a short distance. Turn on your Lure Modules. Ask friends to join you if you don’t have enough. By doing so, you will attract a lot of rare Pokémon.


  • When you play Pokemon Go, seeing area with pink petals? Someone is using Lure Modules. Go there
  • In Pokemon Go, transfer all Pokémon you don’t need to Professor Willow. He will give you 1 Candy for each Pokémon. As for candy, you will gain 5 – 10 Candy for the first time you catch a new Pokémon, after that 3-5 for each time you catch them again.
  • CP (combat point) is the most important stat, it determines how much damages your Pokémon will deal in battle. HP (hit point or health point) indicates the amount of damage one Pokémon can take.
  • Pay attention to the type of Pokémon. Each has its own strength and weakness. For example, Fire is weak against Water, Electric moves have no effect on Ground Pokémon or Bug type is super effective against Grass type…

Go out both day and night. Some Pokémon will only appear at night (just like in Pokémon manga and anime series).It is undeniable that Pokemon Go has created a huge impact on millions of lives both mental and physical ways. And much more than that, you can live your childhood fantasy of traveling the world, capturing all those adorable pocket monsters, battling against each other (not yet, but let’s have some faith). The biggest different thing is that this time, you will get chance to meet real people, to communicate, to be part of a big community and in the end, make some new friends. So what are you waiting for? Get up, get out there, join our friends cause we “Gotta catch ‘em all”.

Download Pokemon Go: Android

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