The reason your computer is not smooth gaming by others


Sometimes looking back deck of your computer, but also give a small amount to ownership but does not provide in-game FPS rate as expected

Not always counted gaming machine can also pamper its owner a way as possible. You can see the other players gaming extremely smooth, comfortable with their machine. But sometimes look back on your machine, but also give a small amount to ownership but does not provide in-game FPS rate expectations. And here are some of the main reasons leading to this situation.
Upgrade bottlenecks
When a new game launches, you can not even play this game well when set at the lowest graphics, that’s when you need to upgrade the graphics card. Of course, in such circumstances, many other components such as RAM or CPU can also cause affect the gaming experience, make sure that all of your computer system is not obsolete before deciding individual upgrade a particular component.
There are 1070 GTX is not enough to fight the game, because you’ll need a lot of hardware to run matches the high-end graphics cards. So how to configure to be able to assert itself as “unmatched”, every game played in heaven and tanks, but also he must have a reasonable price, worth the money anymore account.
If you want to buy a computer running Core i3 and about 8 to 16GB of RAM, accept the 1070 GTX is unlikely to run out of capacity. 1060 GTX is the better choice. It’s cheaper, and still powerful enough to play games full HD resolution smoother in high graphics settings. If less money is coming in 1050 GTX capabilities will also be more dramatic choice, or you can go with the red team, where the RX 470 is not bad for the price of it.
Configuring too weak compared to the screen resolution
As a gamer who also want to own for myself a gaming machine with a screen as big as possible for happy eyes looking game. But between the computer configuration and the screen resolution is always a relationship is extremely close. There have been many people buying laptops all run smoother gaming blockbuster games on a full HD resolution, but the procession of the curved screen, or even 4K shocked and expensive to realize that computers pull this resolution does not stand in the game.
Software conflicts
When you install new software on your computer, the software will be capable of it conflicting and incompatible with products from other companies that you have set earlier in the machine. Sometimes, some of the default configuration of Windows and can cause problems and affect the performance and speed of work. A typical example is the virtual memory configuration too much will lead to hard drive capacity decline and the ability to transmit data to the CPU processing will decrease.
Hard drive fragmentation
One of the main reasons for the performance and the speed of the affected computer that is fragmented hard drive.
With many users like to test, install, uninstall software continuity, risk fragmented hard drive is quite high because the data is scattered all over the hard disk. Readers must move more difficult to access the full data file access time should be slower, thereby, slow speed, or even system crashes can cause (temporary) on the old system, with slow processing speed.
Hardware degraded due care little
Summer to always make gamers appetite, restless sleep with the new game launches in the near future. We always nagging questions “when the power loss caused by overheating”, “temperature like this how?” But forget the loss of a thing, which is just a few simple ways, machine’s you will be able to work perfectly with the cool temperatures as the new chassis.
Usually after a period of use, dirt tends to accumulate “whole class” below the keyboard and on the computer hardware components, especially the cooling fan, radiator of CPU and graphics card. Not only obstruct the air flow affects heat dissipation, dust also affects the reliability and even causes affecting the stability of the system. Fan is a simple and effective way to cool your engine.
But this does not mean you should unfold the chassis and fan paddy computer straight from the outside like a lot of players are performing. With the current climate in Vietnam, to open up the computer case that will only make the dirt on the device as well as greater heat dissipation only.

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