Some reviews and players’ opinion on defense zone 2 free download


If you’re a big fan of strategy game, you cannot miss defense zone 2 free download. This game will give you chance to experience heavy modern weapons.

Having been listed as one of the best strategy game in current time, Defense zone 2 free download is now competing really serious with other similar games such as FieldRunners. In this article, some reviews and opinions on defense zone 2 free download will be stated.

Defense zone 2 free download: About the content of the game

Game players will find the content story is quite similar just like other defensive game in the world. Using the controlling power, observing skill and attack skill to earn triumph in each combat is the main purpose of Defense zone 2 free download. With this version, the developers had brought in quite many interesting factors to make the game more attractive and able to stand out from the defense game market at the moment.

About the game play

In defense zone 2 free download, the game play is more diverse than that of FieldRunner and other games. First and foremost, the weapons exist in the game are quite detailed and vivid, from the normal short guns to heavy weapon such as rocket, laser, … are all demonstrated well. Together with the diverse weapons, defense zone 2 free download also challenges gamers with the difficult move of enemies as this would make the players get into trouble in controlling the weapons.

Each weapon is created with specific characteristics so that players should pay attention and be sure of its functions so that can use them in the most effective way. For example, rocket can give the player a broader views but the down side is that it cannot shoot in close distance. However, its power and destructive level is undeniable. To conclude, it is very important in defense zone 2 free download to learn each weapon’s abilities and functions.


It is claimed that the main color of the game is quite dark; however, the producers have done great jobs in highlighting the special feature of the game. Defense zone 2 free download so far is the only game contains the screen of yellow leaves falling in autumn, which is such a memorizing image for any player. Together with that, the fire after each battle brings the chill feelings because it was so real and truthful.

Multi-purpose for players

Defense zone 2 free download is quite diverse as it can serve the different goals of players. For example, when players are only interested in testing their skills and practice using strategy, they can choose to play in difficult level. However, other players who are merely looking for an entertaining game can go with easy or medium level.

There are many types of weapon as well as landscape so that players would have huge choices in creating their own battle tactics. It is important for players to know the weapon type and positions so that the defense role works out. It is sure that you will not get bored with defense zone 2 free download because of all the fun and excitement.

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