Sesame Street: the most famous TV show ever


Sesame Street with vibrant, eye-catching colors, famous characters and lots of useful videos will make learning more enjoyable.

No one can deny that technology is an inescapable part of life in the 21st century. Some might doubt about the effectiveness on children, but technology can greatly benefit your child as they learn. As a result, fun educational websites for kids to play and learn are blooming with various games and activities. Sesame Street is one of them but much more fantastic. Sesame Street is an American television program for children which paved the way for the program blending both educate and entertainment (edutainment). Sesame Street is famous for muppets created by Jim Henson Muppet. The program was first shown on November 10, 1969 and is the oldest children’s programs in television history. Sesame Street was inspired from this TV show and all animations are prominent characters in the show. This not only helps kids learn and have fun with favorite characters but also makes Sesame Street stand out.

. There are lots of fun games and activities starring Elmo, Big Bird, and kids’ favorite Sesame Street characters. The site helps to reinforce skills like counting, color recognition, shape recognition, organization, and music through art maker corner or games such as  Elmo’s Laundry, Bert’s Bottlecaps, etc. also offers a nice way to introduce topics which are not exclusively “academic,” such as cooperation, respecting each other, cultural diversity, or self-care for kids, it also provides printable worksheets, craft ideas, child-friendly recipes. If teachers are looking for suggestions of non-digital games and guided interactions that help to reinforce learning memory and concepts for kids after lessons, they can totally make use of it.

The site is designed particularly for kids aged 3 up, even they aren’t able to read because there are directing pictures and sounds for almost every navigation control on for kids to follow. If kids return to the homepage, after exploring for while, a character will pop up on the main video department and actually talk to the viewers that which section and link that each navigation button will go to and what is waiting ahead when player clicks on it. For instance, when you click on Muppets section, all the characters of Sesame Street pop up in different colored boxes. More prominent characters will have a larger presence and if kids want to see more character, they just need to click on the down arrow. With each animated character, games and videos featuring that character will show up on the displays below. Along with the character is a virtual home and a PBS clip of that character. Kids can interact with each character by clicking on them in this home which is completely interactive. Vising to another character’s home is very easy as well. Even you are at “home, you just need to click on the picture of wanted Sesame Street character on navigational bar and you are immediately moving to that character’s house and you can learn about building relationships between the characters. Each character  also has its own “best pals”. That’s how connects its animated characters.

Sesame Street has entertained children for decades and the show has expanded through the Internet at The site is completely free and there are no ads that pop up on this site. Your kids will not only have fun in educational games and activities free but also interact with favorite characters, which will make learning much more interesting.

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