Speedy Ninja: tips and tricks for newbies!


Speedy Ninja of NetEase Games is a nice, retro-style arcade game. It is yet entry in the endless running genre that is very popular on mobile devices.

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Speedy Ninja of NetEase Games is yet another entry in the endless running genre that is very popular on mobile devices. The difference, however is that the game is a side-scroller instead of the 3D top-down view most games employ. It’s a nice, retro-style arcade game for smartphone users to pleasantly pass some time, but for anyone who wants to learn how to climb high on the leaderboard, learn a few tips and tricks as detail below:

Speedy Ninja: Learn how to control 

Speedy Ninja has two control method: button taps and swipe. It is recommended that players try both options to find the most suitable control. The button taps are more precise and clear to understand, while using the swipe is faster, but could result in wrong execution.

Understand the gameplay

Don’t expect to be a master from the beginning. Like all endless runner, the difficulty of Speedy Ninja increases relatively to the distance travels. Enemies and obstacles are generated randomly and come at you really fast. So while you can avoid and kill them easily at the beginning, the further you go, the harder to overcome these challenges become, and you have to rely on muscle memory to progress. Try to see the pattern and read the situation ahead of meeting the obstacles could be a key of getting high scores.

Upgrade proficiently

Not just a simple runner, Speedy Ninja also packs some little RPG elements. They come in the form of weapons, ninja powers, skill tree, etc.

The weapons of Speedy Ninja vary in perks and rarity. Rarity often means strength, but you can upgrade any common weapon to maximize its power. If you have two weapons, you can also evolve them to increase the level cap and make them even more powerful.

The ninjas are assigned with a variety of elements like fire, water, ice, etc. The tip here is to equip them with a matching weapon for bonus advantage. For example: a fire ninja fashioned with a fire-element sword would get a 10% boost.

Experiment around to find the most suitable combination for you.

Know how to shop

Beside playing the game for rewards, weapons, skins, characters can also be unlocked in the shop. There are, of course, two types of currency: silver (which is free), and jade (the premium one).

Opening chest is the method of getting most items, and while the Silver chest mostly holds common items in comparison to the much more valuable Epic chest, it is still a nice way of getting weapons fodder to Evolve the existing ones.

Another way of getting items is by playing the lottery. The value of the rewards fluctuates between nice and sucking, so do this if you have a substantial budget to spare.

Play with friends

Nothing beats playing with friends. Not only do you have someone to brag the high scores to, but you get some pretty sweet bonus as well: referring friends to get free energy, silver and jade, as well as getting to play as each other’s ninjas.

Download Speedy Ninja: Android

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