Synthesis international mobile game worth playing most weeks on iOS

Banner Saga 2

Here are the international mobile games appeal launched during the week that you would like to experience them.

Banner Saga 2
Join the Banner Saga 2, players will assume the role of a patriarchal clan leaders to fight and survive alone in the fight implacable and your task is to make bold decisions and decisively. Try to learn how to manage natural resources and the best attack enemies.
The battle in the game is still going on with pattern-style turn-based combat chessboard squares. From there, the game character will determine the order of action based on the order bar beneath the screen, and the coordination of arms and selection decisions angles greatly to the game results.
Thus, Banner Saga 2 will continue to keep the traditional style of the first version. The game will continue to be a thriller plot, fascinating cultural heritage with legends of the Vikings. Moreover, the legacy and improving turn-based battle system unique, and 2D graphics inspired by Norse mythology and images of the fighting was gorgeous hand-drawn will undoubtedly be the th attract players of Banner Saga 2.
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Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders
Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders is created based on the work of the famous writer Agatha Christie detective. The game’s story was adapted from the novel of the same name, tells the contest of wills between Poirot – fatty brilliant detective, with a mass murderer known alias ABC, who are blatantly challenged the judicial sending letters to police suggested the victim, the location of his next crime.
More worryingly, the killer has shown a remarkable confidence that the police feel confused and question the ingenious detective famous Belgians! The adventure will take players to everywhere in England to search and investigate mysterious cases bring perpetrators brought to light justice. Now, what you need to do is use all the intelligence resources, clear-eyed and his calmness.
Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders has ever appeared on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Mac before. The game’s graphics are spectacular 3D design and quite lively. Besides being part of a unique sound author ingeniously integrated into the game making your game screen enjoyable, great thrill and a lot more.
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Infinite Tanks
Tanks Infinite gameplay with graphics and attractive. The game focuses on the large-scale tank battle, as well as allowing players to upgrade their vehicles. Actions to adjust angle shot in the game very easy to play. Graphics, Infinite Tanks built on the foundation of 3D graphics, image quality, sound and eye-catching effects.
The tanks in the game is designed in slightly fictitious rather than based on real prototypes. This gives gamers the feeling to experience a futuristic battle.
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PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulation
After Legend of the Brofist launched last year, it seems the world No.1 PewDiePie YouTubers – Felix Kjerberg still not abandoned the idea of commitment to the game industry recently when he officially launched a new product called the call Tuber Simulator.
Inspired revolves around the life and career back of PewDiePie, PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator is the game takes players on these guidelines and the process of becoming a famous youtuber. Start in a shabby room and old, gamer plays a nothing but take advantage of your PC, you can record then posted to youtube and wait for feedback from the community bring.
From scratch, the room will gradually be changed and refurbished to become a professional studio recording of a youtuber. PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator RPG genre and follow the requirements and tasks available.
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Pumped BMX 3
In Pumped BMX 3, the game offers plenty of character and all are meticulously designed and the gameplay is quite understandable when playing. None the difficulty level in the game is programmed to be careful not to be too hard or too frustrated players that are always easy to keep players in the game. Part collision physics in the game can be said too great, motion system and a wealth of gold genuine ragdoll challenge to complete. Overall this is a perfect game to have on your mobile phone.
The game is simple but certainly will bring you more surprise and endless fun. This is the game that you can play your own style and the way you want. Known titles are also connected to Google Play Services account and includes 16 medals to unlock both transcripts simultaneously with the player ratings to challenge themselves.
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Burly Men at Sea
Burly Men at Sea took the main character is the burly sailor with a big beard in the journey to the sea adventure. The game has graphics with drawings to simple, even no background, but smooth and sleek flat giving players the sense of tranquility and the eye-catching. This graphic is suitable for a puzzle game like Burly Men at Sea.
Burly Men at Sea is a puzzle game, but the puzzles in the game are not driven escorting a main story, you have to go find and explore the puzzles to appear in the game, this is the light element create in-game as well as giving Burly Men at Sea gentle rhythms suitable for recreation after stressful working hours
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Face Up – The Selfie Game
Face Up – The Game is a game Selfie cute help you and your friends have the exciting moments this weekend. The game requires players to take pictures selfie with funny expressions, even crazy to score.
With Face Up – The Selfie Game, you will have the opportunity to become a zombie, an ugly pirate or as a mad scientist, … The game allows you to meet and connect with new players . Online and offline game modes are applied in this game, you can play anywhere and with anyone.

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