Tavern Game – turn-based game combining ultra cards or dice roll


When starting a new game experience, many players Tavern will definitely feel like playing Seahorse billionaires or so.

Tavern Game is game where players will have to be flexible in the use of tokens interwoven with the luck factor from 2 dice was Super Alexander released on Google Play in the last 20/9.
The content of the Tavern Game storyline is somewhat similar to the previous game that the company had previously released as Dragon Flare. Unlike the players have to plunge into the life and death battle with the monster, the player will have to fight with each other by using the tool are two dice and tokens diverse species.
Game play Tavern screen is designed vertically, these conversations will help players master the language to be able to grasp the plot somewhat related to each game screen as well as other basic features. Center interface is a golf tournament played square, where the Units are summoned from the cards will move in the total value of the two dice after sowing. Players will interact in the direction from left to right to move its troops. When moving his troops into enemy military cell with the language project then they will attack each other.
Hit turn-based gameplay makes the player to play Seahorse calculations, in which the distance between yourself and the enemy troops as many cells. The ” kicked ” enemy troops Seahorse quite similar to when the total score on the 2 sides of the dice will determine the scope of the military move the 2 sides. Unlike Seahorse game a bit when the ” kicked ” enemy troops not want that to be. This also depends on the force of the military offensive that has higher enemy troops or not. The Units are summoned from the attack point cards, as well as the rare blood shown on the stars on different cards.
The cards will also experience increased levels lay it quite similar to the Clash Royale. Each match lasts for a maximum Game Tavern is 10 minutes. The number also includes 70 cards divided into 3 card character class. End of each game, the player will receive the reward of the cards. The cards have features such as attack, various additional magic and each corresponding military đểu cards more or less directly related to the plot of the fairy world’s Tavern colorful game. Turn-based game combining ultra token launching this exciting dice outside the remaining game modes 2vs2 and 1vs1 some other game mode is expected to launch in the near future.

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