Either a wise companion that can tell your kids all kinds of interesting things or just a loyal friend, Kids Preschool Games Learning could handle them all.

Kids Preschool Games is a collection of various game tittles whose objectives are to intrigue children’s imagination and recreation ability, enhance child development and create a friendly learning through playing environment for children. Kids Preschool Games supports both Windows platform as well as any mobile devices with Windows Phone 8 or above. Every summer, parents are always worried that their children may be a little lagged and cannot remain the same academic performance after a long relaxing summer vacation. Therefore, Kids Preschool Games with a highly compatible interactive function, which can both assist the children with their study and help them relax, is indeed a popular option among the parents. What makes Kids Preschool Games so stand out is its ability to bring many game tittles to you in a user-friendly interface along with a smart system which can assist your kids through out their adventures to knowledge and imagination.

Designed and targeted at children from 3 to 6 years old, Kids Preschool Gamesis capable of developing child’s recreation ability, revise knowledge from a vast range of fields and create exciting and fun lessons for the kids at the same time. With a friendly interface, colorful graphics and a collection of 17 interesting games including original sound effects, Kids Preschool Games will make your kids get busy all the summer.  The following are the abilities that are designated to be enhanced for the kids:

  1. Basic mathematics concepts
  2. Number recognition
  3. Hand-eye coordination
  4. Improving concentration
  5. Improving visual recognition
  6. Vocabulary review
  7. Categorizing
  8. Enhancing Memory
  9. Ability to notice details
  10. Matching objects
  11. Symmetric pictures and objects
  1. recognition


These are the 17 games included in Kids Preschool Games application:

  1. Count 123
  2. Match the Shadow
  3. Scratch to Reveal
  4. Cow Mania
  5. Hungry Lizzy
  6. Tricky Maze
  7. Jigsaw Puzzle
  8. Odd One Out
  9. Bingo Fun
  10. Same to Same
  11. Missing Objects
  12. Fill the Colors
  13. Find Odd Items
  14. Spot the Difference
  15. Match the Numbers
  16. Sort it Out
  17. Learn to Trace

Each game will bring a whole different mix of objects and tasks. If your kids are not interested in certain tittles, they can skip it and continue with others right a way. And to increase the challenge, Kids Preschool Games also features the point-reward system for each stage of a game. With enough points, your kids will be rewarded with many cute and interesting stickers.

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