Top 10 mobile game console quality on Android


The mobile game in the articles below are owned graphic quality is not inferior to the product on the console.


1 property Republique impressive storyline intriguing to players right from the first scene. You – the protagonist, received a distress call from one mysterious woman named Hope was arrested and detained inside the bodies of 1 dictatorship. To save her, you had to hack into the security system here and give instructions and safety directions.
This is a fascinating game but also extremely challenging but gamers when all the pieces of information that even the smallest also has its own effect. You will have to pay attention to the email, voice-mail, notes, documents appear throughout the course of play. Something small but contains vitally important information to you across the table, there are things merely get you 1 jokes, entertainment while racking my brains.
Republique players will not need to worry about the control system, which has become a permanent concern on the mobile game, the game will adopt a system of one-touch gameplay, meaning you will touch the screen places that you think will be the key to helping Hope across the table.
But be careful because if it is, there is nothing to say but if wrong, you will be discovered and pursued immediately. This makes natural game about puzzles and need plenty of time to think. If you’re a pro gamer, it will take 6-8 hours continuously to reach completion, but if the level has not reached the realm that the figure will multiply 3 times or may be forced to abandon the game.
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Heroes Reborn: Enigma
Heroes Reborn: Enigma is a game genre action adventure The first perspective gives players breathless action scenes colorful cinematography and ask tough questions to find the answer to can continue his journey.
Heroes Reborn: Enigma use Unreal Engine 4 technology superior in-game graphics that are incredibly vivid illustrations and sharp, it’s hard to be able to distinguish what is an image taken from a mobile, where is from the win for PS4 / Xbox One.
The main content of the Heroes Reborn: Enigma takes role playing Dahlia – 14-year-old sister Cassandra. She was locked in a secret agency of the government, called The Quarry. The player’s task is to find a way to escape from that place. The special abilities of Dahlia has not yet been revealed. The main enemies of our character will face in the game will be Trevor Mason.
Heroes Reborn seems to work: Enigma is a developer on the market is its cause. This is the opening shot for the television series Heroes Reborn was released in preparing the US later this year. The experience at the same time this game beside the track series will make you rich experiences and deeper like watching a film, but under a different perspective.
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In Fear I Trust
In Fear I Trust is one of those puzzle games horror commonly found on the market but the way that the manufacturer demonstrate the capability to intimidate players portrayed and how the environment has made it become more prominent.
In the game you will be playing the character was locked in one of the Russian military hospital, does not remember anything about why they’re here and have to find way out of an abandoned house haunting and creepy this through solving the puzzles. In fear I Trust pretty special when “generous” for you to enjoy the game as the first person perspective through control mechanism is quite simple and easy to use as most other FPS titles. All you need is two joysticks, one for the angle and direction of travel 1.
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Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta
Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta as what is known as an action adventure game based on a real adventure in the history of an explorer Moroccan Muslim named Ibn Battuta. Bring the pictures completely honest.
Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta that owns gameplay of a game style action / adventure / RPG gamers familiar that has been experienced in the series of games Naughty Dog’s Uncharted famous Games on PlayStation 3, or in Shadow Guardian Gameloft.
However, Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta is blended style both melee and stealth-style action (Stealth-Action) again. As for graphics, the application of the Unity 3D engine technology in the manufacturing process makes the graphics quality of the game is quite impressive.
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The Shadow Sun
The Shadow Sun style Western RPGs and own a 3D graphics incredible. Is inspired by the brand RPGs too familiar with players like Fable, The Legend of Zelda …., The Shadow Sun is “molded” under the experienced hands of Alan Miranda – CEO Ossian Studios’s, who has been involved in many projects of Bioware RPG.
The Shadow Sun takes players to the world in the future, where humans are in danger of being destroyed after natural disasters more than 1000 years ago. In the sky, the sun is not as bright as before and are in danger of permanently obscured, signaling the final moments of humanity.
Start your journey from the Kingdom of the North, players get to the task of finding Shar desert city, the heart of the empire in the south Sharian in efforts to resume diplomatic relations and trade between the two this powerhouse. However, an unexpected event occurs when Shar was attacked by a strange disease and quickly separated from the rest of the world.
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Trine 2
To say, “beating” the first writer in the eye is the graphics of Trine 2 does not place blame, did not know how many times a player must “oh” to marvel at the beautiful scenery before the game.
Then, whether the system is extremely frustrating puzzle but Trine 2 charismatic to the strange, perhaps, the world of the game is what has prompted the player to come forward, by itself into a screen is a new world was opened, and the writers made a surprise!
Puzzle physics system in the game is also presented very well, so that unleash the player moves turn out unique game even his madness to the last screen. The player’s creativity is endless! While the story of the game has not been polished despite the upgraded version Complete Story, but what brought Trine 2 was too outstanding, but the writer is hardly requires more.
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Lost Horizon
Lost Horizon gamers first launched in 2010 with a version for the PC. Game genre adventure, exploring fascinating, Animation Art developed by Deep Silver and released. Game confirmed its success when it received praise and positive feedback from the gaming community and leading experts.
Lost Horizon story began in Hong Kong in 1936, in which players will encounter Fenton Paddock former pilot and get attractive offer to join search for a lost expedition in Tibet plateau . This expedition went missing mysteriously in the highlands of Tibet.
Top 10 mobile game console quality on Android
But Nazi Germany was secretly sent a task force to Tibet and give them the task of tracing the missing explorer, who had discovered the shocking. These findings are thought to be revolutionary and has tremendous power can alter the fate of the world forever.
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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a puzzle adventure game appealing has been released on Xbox 360, PC since 2013 has officially been moved to 505 Games and officially released on mobile platforms. Without a long story with many secrets and unknowns, no fancy graphics, stunning gameplay and no one is too detailed, but Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons still fascinated by a player adventure meaning and emotional moments of his sons for their father.
Top 10 mobile game console quality on Android
You may recall that this is a true game, but if the Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a fairy tale nor wrong. In a mountainous area and that, had two brothers living together. However, their life was less happy than their peers who, when their mother died and whose father is battling serious diseases. Hearing rumors of living water flow, they determined to hit the road to try to save his father’s life.
So from here, the two brothers together to search for drugs in this legend. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons has brought a unique control mechanism, to require players to control both brothers to interact with the surrounding environment, in order to find a solution to the conundrum . Like fire and ice, two brothers are two opposite personalities, but complement each other, finishing each other to survive and overcome all hardships and challenges in adventures such appointment again.
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Godfire: Rise of Prometheus
Godfire: Rise of Prometheus is the mobile game for the action adventure genre tight guillotine. In the game, we will control all of Prometheus controlled by the D-pad displayed on the screen or touch the icon to attack or defend. The fight with the enemies that appear between the gods allow us to create beautiful combo chains, or the end phase of the opponent for longer low HP.
After defeating the monsters in the way, there are bright spots to help us recover a little blood was lost or absorbed Rage added just below the bar. When Rage bar is filled, the Prometheus attack becomes much more powerful when you activate.
We can increase the strength of their gods by replacing the new equipment required to complete the unlock or upgrade the index higher. Sometimes, if preferred penchant his character becomes fashion, you can choose a separate outfit, but this pretty much to influence the strength of character because the equipment is not always beautiful you like to be the most powerful equipment.
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White Day
Reportedly, the original version of White Day first released on PC in 2001 had caused obsessive horror for any gamer experience and become one of the horror titles of the most famous lines in his day hours. With its inherent reputation, the White Day back on the mobile platform is understandable only.
Called White Day is the only day to “White Day” every year 14/03, the day that his son will give gifts to respond to his daughter’s gift for Valentine’s Day daughters “red” before. That was the starting point for horror stories in this mobile game.
White Day takes players into the role of big new boy in her unrequited love with a girl classmate. White Valentine’s Day came, he came up with an idea quite daring to confess: Sneaking into the school at night to put chocolate into the other girl’s desk drawer.
From the beginning of romance, of White Day events quickly turned to “bad trend” when his pupil began experiencing ghostly phenomena in school. There are rumors that the school in which he studied the ancient capital is a wartime concentration camp where detained and brutally tortured prisoners. So that the soul does not falsely transcendence are still regularly wander through the corridors at night.
Play of the Day White supposedly the inspiration for many survival horror titles later, such as Amnesia in the main character does not have the ability to fight. All that players need to do is forced to flee and hide in dangerous situations. The only illumination came from the little matchstick likely only dimly illuminate the front in a short time and therefore makes every step groping in schools are deserted at night restless.

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